Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oct. 15, 2009

Hello Everyone,

So, I'm sure you figured it out, but this was moves week. I know you asked me when it would be, but I kept forgetting to answer it in my emails. I am still in Crawley! I am not with Elder Gasparato anymore though. He is ending his mission in a really cool way. He was released as ZL and will be white wash training for his last transfer. President Shamo is actually planning to release ZL's to train more frequently now. White washing means that he and his greenie will both be new to the area. There won’t be another missionary there that knows his way around. They will learn it as they go!.

My new companion is actually someone you already know because I have served with him before! Its Elder Christensen!!! We served together at the same time last year for two moves (3 months) in Catford. Now we are both Zone Leaders and we'll be serving together here in Crawley. If it’s for another 2 moves, then we will have our second Christmas together. I was really excited when I found out because I loved serving with him. Both of us are a lot more experienced now and we are already good friends so I am really looking forward to the next several weeks.

A lot has been happening in our area. We have picked up and dropped many investigators including 3 baptismal dates. We are definitely finding people to teach, but I guess we need to work on finding the right ones. We are still teaching Ross and he is doing great. We made him a calendar of scriptures to read all the way to his baptism on the 23rd and he has been reading them all. Hopefully he will go with the youth to the temple tonight and we will see him Friday. We really need to see him more often because it’s not that far away.

I still love the area and love the people here. Crawley is really a good place to be. I am getting to know the ward a lot better and really understand who people are. It is a very large ward. I will be rescheduling my driving test sometime in the next few weeks, but I don't know what day yet. As far as I know the guys I mentioned last week never confessed to what happened at the church, but it isn't too big of a deal.

I will be emailing again on Monday, so it won't be long till you hear from me again. It sounds like quite a few of you are going on trips though and I hope they go well. Congratulate Uncle Henry for me. It’s really cool to have him as our bishop!

Elder Kade Karges

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