Monday, May 25, 2009

May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

A lot has happened over the last week, we've been really busy. We had a little bit of a scare Monday when Aimee didn’t show up for her baptismal interview at the church. The Zone Leaders came down and we were all waiting, but she didn’t come. We ended up deciding to just drive to her house and she was there. Something had come up that stopped her from coming. I don’t really know what, but she had her interview there and it all worked out in the end. She got baptized on Friday and confirmed Sunday!

We have been teaching a Portuguese lady named Liliana that is doing really well. She is really cool because she speaks like 4 languages and is still learning more. She is 28 and has a 10 year old son back in Portugal. She has a baptismal date on June 20th and even came to the temple Saturday morning. Aimee was supposed to come to that as well, but she slept in. The temple was great though, Liliana loved it. She said she felt peace as soon as she got out of the car and that the Joseph Smith film was really powerful. I love taking investigators to the temple for the first time. Its an amazing experience. Since then we have set another date with a 22 year old named Paul for the 2oth as well.

We had another exchange with the Isle of Wight and I drove the whole day. Last time I went was practice for this exchange because Elder Kreiberg who I was with can’t drive at all. He is from Denmark and just doesn’t have a license. I interviewed one of their investigators name Peter Brooker. He was actually found a few months back when I was on one of my first exchanges on the Isle. I had gone to do an interview for him last month but he didn’t show. They kept teaching him and he was finally baptized this weekend!

We had our last Zone Meeting with President and Sister Swinton on Thursday. I guess that was my last interview with President Swinton as well. Sister Swinton talked to us a lot about how to behave when we have our mission conference with President Uchtdorf and Elder Anderson. She wasn't too worried about us, but wanted to make sure we didn’t ask any dodgey or embarrassing questions ha-ha.

Elder Carlson and I are having a good time and getting along well. Did you get in touch with his mother? I think he said you did but I can’t remember. I’m sure she really appreciates it. I actually talked to her the day before Mothers day because they needed some info on how to call the next day. They sound like a really good family. Elder Carlson is a hard worker and is teaching me loads.

It sounds like everyone is doing quite well. Congratulate Jeff for me on his graduation. I’m glad it went well even though it was raining. It does rain a lot in England. Portsmouth isn’t so bad but it still gets quite a bit more than back home. I’ll be praying for your surgery to go well mom and its ok to be a list maker :) Its one of your many qualities that make you an amazing mom!

I love you and hope you have a brilliant week!

Elder Karges

Elder Carlson, Liliana, and I at the London temple.

Elder Carlson, Aimee, and I just before Aimee's baptism.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 18, 2009

Hello Everyone,

This week has gone by really fast, but it’s been pretty good. Nothing too exciting has happened though. We are still teaching Aimee. Actually she has her interview tonight because her baptism is on Friday. We are pretty excited about that. We have a new investigator named Liliana that is really cool. She is from Portugal and knows like 5 languages! She doesn’t have a baptismal date yet, but she will soon. We are seeing her on Tuesday. The first time we taught her we gave her a tour of the church and taught her about Joseph Smith. When we quoted the first vision she said her heart was racing and she recognized it as the spirit.

On Tuesday we had an exchange with the Isle of Wight. One of their investigators needed an interview. It went really well, and he is already baptized, confirmed, and ordained a Priest! It’s amazing how fast that happens. One day they are an average person investigating the church and the next the hold the Priesthood! It was a fun exchange. I drove almost the whole time because I need to learn how. Well, I guess I have learned now, I just need practice. I am going on exchange with them this week. Elder Kreiberg can’t drive because he doesn’t have a license, so I will be driving again. It has been interesting to get used to the opposite side of the road and manual at the same time. I still need to get my British license before my year mark or I won’t be able to drive anymore.

That is way cool that my name is included with your stake. That is really nice of them. I’m glad everything is going well for everyone. Have a great week!

Elder Kade Karges

Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11, 2009


It was so good to get to talk to you all yesterday. I was glad that everyone was able to be there. I don’t know if I sounded excited over the phone, but I was pacing around the flat for the first few minutes of the phone call ha-ha. Thank you for posting pictures on my blog as well. I just looked at them and it was really cool to see. The most amazing part to me is how much Brinton talks! I remember you telling me that he did, but hearing him was really cool. I saw Katie's blog today about his noodle dream and was just surprised at how much he has changed. He sounds pretty clever.

This week has gone pretty well. Our number of investigators has been going down, but the good news is that they have been getting baptized! We definitely need to find more now. The only real progressing investigator right now is Aimee and she is doing really well. She has changed so much since we met her less than two weeks ago. We just taught her the Word of Wisdom today and she totally accepted it. We are excited for her to be baptized on the 22nd of May.

It has been fun being with a new missionary. I am still trying to learn to sit back and just let things happen. The best way to learn is by experience. We are having a good time though and he is doing amazing. I have had a lot less time to do things I used to though like writing in my journal and eating dinner ha-ha, but it’s all good.

I think we talked about it over the phone, but we did have a baptism this weekend which was really cool. Elder Carlson got to do the actual ordinance and pulled it off really well. I say that because he had to improvise a little. Pete wanted to go straight back instead of bending his knees, but it all turned out great and it only had to be done once.

I don’t know much else to write after talking to you all yesterday, but I sent several pictures. Have a great week! I love you guys.

Elder Kade Karges

And here are lots of pictures to enjoy.

Elder Church, Myself, Joelle Cope, and Her son before her baptism!

Joelle and I before her baptism!

Me and My Boy in the temple car park getting ready to go back to Portsmouth

Elder Carlson and I at the "sorting hat" where trainers get their new "Goldens" or greenies

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Phone Call Home

Phone calls home are the BEST days for the family of a missionary. And we got to have one of those with Elder Karges today!

Everyone gathered over at Mom and Dad's house on Sunday morning to be there for the call at 9:45. We started dialing at 9:35 to see if we could get through.....and the phone gave us a busy signal. Dad dialed and re-dialed and re-dialed....then Kyle and I think even Jennie took a turn pushing the redial.

We tried for quite a while and even said a family prayer. I guess Elder Karges got a little nervous too so he called me mom's cell. Mom and Katie were about ready to cry then. We finally got the dialing worked out and got him on the phone.

And THIS is how our family sits to talk with our favorite missionary.

He sounds wonderful! He is so upbeat and I loved to hear the lilt in his voice that he's picked up over there. We can tell he's working hard and representing the Savior well.
Some highlights?

He got hit by a car....twice (he tried to tell us "no comment" but we dragged it out of him)

He makes pancakes with his Krusteaz mix from Costco and Maplene my mom sent him. He even made some and shared with his companion that morning.
He had a baptism yesterday and a confirmation at church today.

He has a special meeting coming up with Elder Uchdorf and Elder Anderson (We can't wait to hear about it)
He got his backpack back safe and sound.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 4,2009


I’m sorry about last week. We got back from the Temple and got a couple things organized before we went to email. I was writing the main letter to send to you thinking I had 15 minutes left when all of the sudden it said I ran out of time. I asked the library aid what happened and apparently there is a cut off time for using the internet that I didn’t know about. I was glad that I got the other email off to you though.

You were right about what happened at moves. I am still in Portsmouth and I am training. My Companions name is Elder Dustin Carlson and he is from Idaho Falls, Idaho. His family is all active in the church and he is excited to be on a mission. I am looking forward to this moves. I am still District Leader as well, so I got my hands full right now, but I guess the Lord will make it happen.

Elder Church moved to East Grinstead and is now serving with... ELDER GREELY! I saw him at moves and he is doing well. It’s cool to have someone from back home in the mission. I got a letter from JD a couple days ago and he is got to Brazil in the summer. He told me about a few other kids from Gilbert going on missions.

The weeks are just flying by right now its incredible. We DID have a baptism and she chose me to do it, so that’s why I was dressed in white :) Everything went really well and she is very happy. We put the whole program together with her this time, but we have another one coming up this weekend that we haven’t helped with the program at all. Pete Buchannan is dating a member named Sister Brown and they have it all sorted out already. I am looking forward to his baptism on Saturday. We are going to be asking a girl named Aimee if she wants to be baptized on the 23rd, so pray that she will accept and want to change.

I wanted to send some more pictures, but the computer I’m on doesn’t have working USB ports. I’ll send more next week. Sorry if I forgot to answer any questions, but ill talk to you on Sunday I guess. If I have no other way of contacting you before then I might have to call you to set up the time for the real call.

I love you and hope all continues to be well.

Elder Kade Karges