Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 4,2009


I’m sorry about last week. We got back from the Temple and got a couple things organized before we went to email. I was writing the main letter to send to you thinking I had 15 minutes left when all of the sudden it said I ran out of time. I asked the library aid what happened and apparently there is a cut off time for using the internet that I didn’t know about. I was glad that I got the other email off to you though.

You were right about what happened at moves. I am still in Portsmouth and I am training. My Companions name is Elder Dustin Carlson and he is from Idaho Falls, Idaho. His family is all active in the church and he is excited to be on a mission. I am looking forward to this moves. I am still District Leader as well, so I got my hands full right now, but I guess the Lord will make it happen.

Elder Church moved to East Grinstead and is now serving with... ELDER GREELY! I saw him at moves and he is doing well. It’s cool to have someone from back home in the mission. I got a letter from JD a couple days ago and he is got to Brazil in the summer. He told me about a few other kids from Gilbert going on missions.

The weeks are just flying by right now its incredible. We DID have a baptism and she chose me to do it, so that’s why I was dressed in white :) Everything went really well and she is very happy. We put the whole program together with her this time, but we have another one coming up this weekend that we haven’t helped with the program at all. Pete Buchannan is dating a member named Sister Brown and they have it all sorted out already. I am looking forward to his baptism on Saturday. We are going to be asking a girl named Aimee if she wants to be baptized on the 23rd, so pray that she will accept and want to change.

I wanted to send some more pictures, but the computer I’m on doesn’t have working USB ports. I’ll send more next week. Sorry if I forgot to answer any questions, but ill talk to you on Sunday I guess. If I have no other way of contacting you before then I might have to call you to set up the time for the real call.

I love you and hope all continues to be well.

Elder Kade Karges

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