Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11, 2009


It was so good to get to talk to you all yesterday. I was glad that everyone was able to be there. I don’t know if I sounded excited over the phone, but I was pacing around the flat for the first few minutes of the phone call ha-ha. Thank you for posting pictures on my blog as well. I just looked at them and it was really cool to see. The most amazing part to me is how much Brinton talks! I remember you telling me that he did, but hearing him was really cool. I saw Katie's blog today about his noodle dream and was just surprised at how much he has changed. He sounds pretty clever.

This week has gone pretty well. Our number of investigators has been going down, but the good news is that they have been getting baptized! We definitely need to find more now. The only real progressing investigator right now is Aimee and she is doing really well. She has changed so much since we met her less than two weeks ago. We just taught her the Word of Wisdom today and she totally accepted it. We are excited for her to be baptized on the 22nd of May.

It has been fun being with a new missionary. I am still trying to learn to sit back and just let things happen. The best way to learn is by experience. We are having a good time though and he is doing amazing. I have had a lot less time to do things I used to though like writing in my journal and eating dinner ha-ha, but it’s all good.

I think we talked about it over the phone, but we did have a baptism this weekend which was really cool. Elder Carlson got to do the actual ordinance and pulled it off really well. I say that because he had to improvise a little. Pete wanted to go straight back instead of bending his knees, but it all turned out great and it only had to be done once.

I don’t know much else to write after talking to you all yesterday, but I sent several pictures. Have a great week! I love you guys.

Elder Kade Karges

And here are lots of pictures to enjoy.

Elder Church, Myself, Joelle Cope, and Her son before her baptism!

Joelle and I before her baptism!

Me and My Boy in the temple car park getting ready to go back to Portsmouth

Elder Carlson and I at the "sorting hat" where trainers get their new "Goldens" or greenies

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