Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 18, 2010

Hello again,

Congratulations on your anniversary Mom and Dad! Sorry I didn't get anything off to you. I know Brinton's birthday recently passed and Katie's is here as well, but I haven't been able stay on top of things this time around. Although there may not be cards in the mail, I still pray for you every day and remember those special days as I do. I hope they are the best days ever!

Things are still going fantastic! The miracles of missionary work never cease. Just last night we had one that I would love to share with you. We had a dinner appointment with one of our recent converts, Belinda, and her family. As we showed up she said her Mum was in the other room and didn't know we were coming. We didn't know she would be there either, but it was a good surprise for all of us. We had left a General Conference DVD with them last time we came, and it was already playing when we walked in. As we ate, we watched Elder Holland's powerful talk on the Book of Mormon and discussed it afterwards. We had taught Sheila (her mum) a few weeks back, but she didn't receive a BofM until a week after that when Belinda gave it to her. We had been following up with Belinda (because we couldn't get an appointment with Sheila), so we knew that she had been reading already. She is a very scripturally knowledgeable woman from South Africa and as we asked her how she felt when she read it, she said "Like my faith is coming back." When we asked if she had prayed and she said "Yes! In fact, just last night," we straight away asked if she believed it was true. She replied "I think I'm starting to realize that I do. We had not expected to see her that night, so we had not prayed about a date to commit her for. Instead we prayed with her and she chose to prepare for Feb. 14th! Belinda was in tears as she explained the prompting Mary Jane (her daughter) and her had both received and followed to stop by Nan's after church and invite her for dinner.

That story is all I have time for today, but it says it all. I am happy to say that it is but one of many! I love being a missionary and am always excited to hear of your experiences too! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Elder Kade Karges

Jan 11, 2010


This week has definitely been different than any other on my mission. Things have been going great in the work. Belinda, MJ, and Parry all got confirmed on Sunday. It was a very powerful sacrament meeting. There were several other investigators at church as well so it was a great day. We were happy that our church stayed open.

The weather has been pretty crazy. You were right that it did close some churches and most schools. Three wards in our stake were actually closed. For that reason we had a few extra people at our ward, including the Kingston Sister missionaries. The whole ward thought they were an addition to the missionary force! They were sad to hear that they aren't, but hopefully they are still happy to have 4 Elders :) Things are still pretty icy around and it snowed a little more last night. Most of it came in one big burst, but clouds keep passing by dropping small amounts of snow. It hasn't affected us as much as other... I don’t know why, but I’m grateful for it!

We are trying a lot of new things in the zone this moves, so we hope it will boost everyone up. 2009 was a good year for the whole mission, but 2010 will be even better! As for our area, we have Pearly preparing to be baptized on Jan 24th, but we need to find a lot more new investigators! Pray that Pearly will overcome her fear of water and that Craig will be able to be baptized soon.

Since its only been a few days since my last email its kind of hard to think of new things to say. Preparation days have been pretty mission oriented for a while, so I haven’t been able to write letters very well. I hope to soon.

I love you all and look forward to hearing from you next week!

Elder Kade Karges

Elder Fielder, Elder Greeley, me, and Elder B책ng having a little fun at Chiquitos for Elder Greeley's birthday!

January 7, 2010


It’s weird to see 2010 at the top of the email. It means I’m getting old in the mission! It’s exciting, but sad for me at the same time because I love being a missionary. This week has been on of the best and craziest of my mission at the same time! Hopefully the pictures I’m trying to send will explain more than I can.

We started off the new year well with three people getting baptized on Sunday. Belinda Bayes (South African mother) and her 10 year old daughter, Mary Jane, were baptized along with Parry Singh (25 year old from Bombay, India). I have already talked about all of them and the miracles that have happened to get them where they are. Belinda, Mary Jane, and Craig (getting baptized this Sunday) got to go to our Mission President’s house and the temple the day before and everything went wonderfully for the baptism. Parry continues to amaze us with how strong his testimony is and his desire to not only learn more, but share more! In fact, he wants to be a missionary, but it’s going to be close because he turns 27 in April next year and 26 is the cut off. He has just enough time hopefully to be a member for a year and then leave a few months before his birthday.

What made the week crazy was the snow and travel plans. The mission was to have a mission wide, temple conference on Wednesday as well as moves, but it didn't quite work out that way. Everyone was pretty excited because we only found out about the conference last week and moves was moved up a day for that purpose. Travel plans were made for the whole mission, but the night before it started snowing... it continued to snow throughout the night and so the conference was cancelled that night. In the morning we made another snowman and then they decided to still have moves so we got to work at making plans for our zone. I’m not totally sure about the rest of the mission, but the last member of our zone got to their area this morning. It was a really busy day, but it all worked out in the end.

As for moves, Elder Bång and I are still together, but Elder Greeley moved to Newton Abbot out in the west. The new elder here is Elder Keeble from northern England. I have met him several times around the mission, but don't know him well yet. We heard from Elder Greeley this morning and he has made it to his new area as well. Don't worry K & J, your package for the both of us came the day before moves, so we both saw it. It is hanging up in the living room of our flat now! Thank you!I also just received the mail from the Christmas ward party. Tell everyone thank you!

There is plenty more I think I could try and write about, but Ill have to save it for next time. I love you and hope you have an amazing January!

Elder Kade Karges

Elder Greeley and I in frony of the poster Kyle and Jenny sent us. It Arrived the day before moves!

Elder Bång and I with Balinda, Mary Jane, Craig, and Anthony.

Bishop Price, Parry Singh, Me, Elder Bång, Mary Jane, and Belinda. Everyone dressed in white for the baptisms!

December 28, 2009

Happy New Year!

It hasn't been long since our phone call. Thanks for making the previous post on my blog. It's really cool to see pictures of it. I loved talking to you and even hearing you sing! I have had the opportunity myself to do a lot of that lately and have really enjoyed it.

I mentioned in the phone call that even though it was Christmas, we still had some appointments! Parry, the miracle man that called us two weeks ago wanting to be baptized, accepted a baptismal date for January 10th. The miracle got even better over the weekend because he wasn't supposed to be able to come to church, but he sent us a text at 1am Sunday morning saying he wanted to come so he could be baptized sooner! He came to church, loved it and is now preparing to be baptized this Sunday, Jan. 3rd! He truly is a miracle and is so sincere in his desires. There is still a family preparing for the same date, so along with him pray for Balinda, Mary Jane, and Craig.

I never expected Elder Armstrong to call you! Ha-ha. That’s really cool that he did. I really looked up to him as a missionary and still do. Because there are quite a few elders from Arizona, we have all talked about doing different things together when we get back home, so it should be pretty exciting to see what happens.

Well I love you and hope this week is even better than the last!

Elder Kade Karges

Talk to you Thursday next week! because it’s moves!