Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 7, 2010


It’s weird to see 2010 at the top of the email. It means I’m getting old in the mission! It’s exciting, but sad for me at the same time because I love being a missionary. This week has been on of the best and craziest of my mission at the same time! Hopefully the pictures I’m trying to send will explain more than I can.

We started off the new year well with three people getting baptized on Sunday. Belinda Bayes (South African mother) and her 10 year old daughter, Mary Jane, were baptized along with Parry Singh (25 year old from Bombay, India). I have already talked about all of them and the miracles that have happened to get them where they are. Belinda, Mary Jane, and Craig (getting baptized this Sunday) got to go to our Mission President’s house and the temple the day before and everything went wonderfully for the baptism. Parry continues to amaze us with how strong his testimony is and his desire to not only learn more, but share more! In fact, he wants to be a missionary, but it’s going to be close because he turns 27 in April next year and 26 is the cut off. He has just enough time hopefully to be a member for a year and then leave a few months before his birthday.

What made the week crazy was the snow and travel plans. The mission was to have a mission wide, temple conference on Wednesday as well as moves, but it didn't quite work out that way. Everyone was pretty excited because we only found out about the conference last week and moves was moved up a day for that purpose. Travel plans were made for the whole mission, but the night before it started snowing... it continued to snow throughout the night and so the conference was cancelled that night. In the morning we made another snowman and then they decided to still have moves so we got to work at making plans for our zone. I’m not totally sure about the rest of the mission, but the last member of our zone got to their area this morning. It was a really busy day, but it all worked out in the end.

As for moves, Elder Bång and I are still together, but Elder Greeley moved to Newton Abbot out in the west. The new elder here is Elder Keeble from northern England. I have met him several times around the mission, but don't know him well yet. We heard from Elder Greeley this morning and he has made it to his new area as well. Don't worry K & J, your package for the both of us came the day before moves, so we both saw it. It is hanging up in the living room of our flat now! Thank you!I also just received the mail from the Christmas ward party. Tell everyone thank you!

There is plenty more I think I could try and write about, but Ill have to save it for next time. I love you and hope you have an amazing January!

Elder Kade Karges

Elder Greeley and I in frony of the poster Kyle and Jenny sent us. It Arrived the day before moves!

Elder Bång and I with Balinda, Mary Jane, Craig, and Anthony.

Bishop Price, Parry Singh, Me, Elder Bång, Mary Jane, and Belinda. Everyone dressed in white for the baptisms!

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