Monday, March 15, 2010

FW: Kade, March 15, 2010


So here is my five minute snapshot of the week....

We have been serving in a tri with Elder Keeble ever since Elder Eyers left on Tuesday. He will be replaced this Tuesday by another missionary needing to get his Visa to go to Russia. Elder Keeble is one of out district leaders, so it has made accounting really easy, plus he's a good missionary! We have gone on quite a few splits and things so we could be more effective. We have had a really good week. I love being a missionary!

Courtney and Colisha got baptized after church on Sunday and it went really well. I think they are the first husband and wife I have had get baptized on my mission. They are going to be a good addition to the ward. I think I said last week that I would post their miracle story because I wrote it on my presidents letter. I haven't done that yet, but will try to this week. I will send it with the ASU paper which I have already signed. Thank you so much for taking care of those things! it really helps me focus. Speaking about being focused, I really have been trying to figure out how I can better lose myself in the work and have decided to give up a few things. The two main things are to be more picky with the music I listen to (it has always been church appropriate, don't worry) and not writing as many letters. So.... if I don't write much over the next few months, that’s why! I am speaking of written letters, not emails. I will try to keep up the good record of emails :)

Brother Hinton sounds like a good guy. (Bro. Hinton from our ward went to England on his mission.  We had shown him some pictures of Kade standing in his kitchen.  Bro. Hinton asked us about some of the food he saw in the picture. )  I have never actually had Wheatabix. That box had been there for years before I got there! We threw it out when soon after the picture was taken. They do still sell fish & chips in newspaper-like paper, but not in literal newspaper if that’s what he meant. I'm sure there are some things I eat here that we don't have back home, but it is actually pretty hard to think of specific ones now that I have been hear so long.

Tell Brinton I would love to have him come to London! We would have a blast and could even go on splits haha. I love you and love hearing from all of you. Thank you for all your support and prayers.

Elder Kade Karges

The chicken at Frangos was pretty spicey. Check out the sweat dripping off my nose!
Me, Courtney, Colisha, Elder Bång and little Crissy at the baptism on Sunday! It was an amazing service their family truly is a miracle. They will be confirmed next week
Me with 125 Pink Lady Apples! We have a fruit man in our ward that will sell them to us by the box! With these kinds of deals, we are happy to be eating healthy!
Elder Keeble, Myself, Elder Eyers and Elder Bång at Heathrow airport dropping off Elder Eyers to go to Russia.
Elder Keeble, Elder Eyers, Elder Bång, and I at a place called Frangos (a rip-off of a spicy chicken place called Nandos).
My name tag at.... PLATFORM 9 & 3/4!!!! The other Elders needed to go through Kings Cross Station to work out some visa stuff and offered to take our badges haha!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 8, 2010

Hello Everyone,

This week has been very busy. We have had a lot of extra planning to do. Stake correlation was on Sunday morning and Zone Training day is this Wednesday, both of which take a lot of preparation. We haven't even finished our basic weekly planning! We are really trying though and the Lord has been greatly blessing us. Even with three or four half days in the flat planning, it seems that we have had just as many teaches and new investigators as a normal week. The weather is getting a lot better here as well. The sun has been out for a couple days now and things are starting to warm up in the middle of the day. When the sun goes down it still gets below freezing though. You can never really tell what season it is here. Usually there are several in one week, sometimes in one day.

We have seen some really cool specific miracles, one of which I am hoping to post to you because it is quite long. I wrote about it in my president’s letter, so hopefully I can just make a copy of that. The outcome of the miracle is that a long awaited baptism of a Jamaican couple (Courtney & Colisha) will be happening this weekend. They have had some wonderful experiences, especially at the visitor’s center and the husband, Courtney even bore his testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday. I can definitely see him being a future bishop. There is a young Nepalese couple that hopefully will get baptized soon as well. Their names are Araj and Anita. They are really cool, but have a bit of a language barrier. The other baptismal date we have is Craig. He could really use your prayers that not only his actions will change, but his heart! Your prayers have definitely been working and we really appreciate them. Thank you for sorting out things with ASU as well. It really helps me focus and not worry about it.

I have been trying to send pictures the last couple weeks, but the computers we have been using haven't been working properly. I'll try to find a way to send some soon. I love you and still pray for you all every day (especially for the new baby!)! Have a great week!


Elder Kade Karges

March 2, 2010

Happy March!

It still seems like time is just going faster and faster! At Zone Leader Council this week, President Shamo talked a lot about a situation that the mission will soon be having of being short missionaries. Because of this, he went through the next several transfer dates and when people would be going home. I don't know why, but it sounded really strange to hear him talk about the date he expected me to come home. We did an exchange this week as well with Slough. I was talking to the Elder I was with about coming out on a mission and he said he had been out for five months. He made mention of how quickly it was going and then I realized that is how long I have left! These kinds of experience have really made me feel a sense of urgency about the work. I love being a missionary and even find it difficult to think about not being one. How would you feel about me extending?? haha. It’s not actually possible because of my Visa, so don't worry (mom).

The week has gone really well for our investigators. At the beginning of our week, all of our baptismal dates dropped. It picked up quickly though and now we have three. Soni, from Nepal, will be baptized this weekend. She is really cool and has been Christian her whole life (most Nepalese people aren't). We had extended several dates to her, but she said she still needed to keep praying... this Sunday after gospel principles class she told a member that her confusion had left her and she was ready to get baptized. We found out from the member soon after and called Soni to make plans for this weekend. Colisha is from Jamaica and has never been baptized. We taught her husband and sister a few months back (Courtney and Shantal). She is going to the temple visitor’s center this week and will get baptized on the 14th. The spirit has really been working on her and she is progressing well. Her husband gets pretty worked up about already being baptized, but he really supports her and hopefully will follow her example. Craig is finally preparing for a specific date as well. He used to be dating Belinda and has been coming to church nearly every week since her baptism. He is preparing for the 4th of April right now, but hopefully it will be sooner. We both would like to be here for it and the next moves day is on April 1st... sounds like a joke, but its not.

I love hearing about your missionary experiences! Keep it up guys!! I will be praying that things go well. If you give me their names, I will pray for them specifically. I always feel so blessed when I think about our family. I love you all and hope you have a good week!


Elder Kade Karges