Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 8, 2010

Hello Everyone,

This week has been very busy. We have had a lot of extra planning to do. Stake correlation was on Sunday morning and Zone Training day is this Wednesday, both of which take a lot of preparation. We haven't even finished our basic weekly planning! We are really trying though and the Lord has been greatly blessing us. Even with three or four half days in the flat planning, it seems that we have had just as many teaches and new investigators as a normal week. The weather is getting a lot better here as well. The sun has been out for a couple days now and things are starting to warm up in the middle of the day. When the sun goes down it still gets below freezing though. You can never really tell what season it is here. Usually there are several in one week, sometimes in one day.

We have seen some really cool specific miracles, one of which I am hoping to post to you because it is quite long. I wrote about it in my president’s letter, so hopefully I can just make a copy of that. The outcome of the miracle is that a long awaited baptism of a Jamaican couple (Courtney & Colisha) will be happening this weekend. They have had some wonderful experiences, especially at the visitor’s center and the husband, Courtney even bore his testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday. I can definitely see him being a future bishop. There is a young Nepalese couple that hopefully will get baptized soon as well. Their names are Araj and Anita. They are really cool, but have a bit of a language barrier. The other baptismal date we have is Craig. He could really use your prayers that not only his actions will change, but his heart! Your prayers have definitely been working and we really appreciate them. Thank you for sorting out things with ASU as well. It really helps me focus and not worry about it.

I have been trying to send pictures the last couple weeks, but the computers we have been using haven't been working properly. I'll try to find a way to send some soon. I love you and still pray for you all every day (especially for the new baby!)! Have a great week!


Elder Kade Karges

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