Monday, June 29, 2009

June 29, 2009

Happy 4th of JULY!!!

I know it’s pretty early to be saying that, but next time I email it would be after the fact and that wouldn’t make sense. I actually won’t even be emailing next Monday. We have a meeting with the new Mission President, so P-Day will be rescheduled, probably on Tuesday.

Sorry I keep leaving answers out to some of your questions. I’ll try to get them all today... We saw President Swinton for the last time on Friday. We had Temple conference, so we got to go through a session with them and then they spoke to us. It was a really good day. I will really miss them. They have really helped me to grow and become the missionary and even person I am now. We meet President Shamo for the first time on this Saturday (the 4TH!) I’m excited to see what he is like. I have heard good things, but don’t know much, so I’ll tell you more next week. We did go to the conference in London. We had a double mission conference, both us and the London mission. It was really cool to see the North side of London, and the Hide Park chapel. I know I’ve been saying it a lot, but I’ll try to catch up on sending pictures. Last of all I did get my birthday present!! Thank you so much :) I was actually really surprised to see the mini PMG. Thanks again.

We found an internet Cafe to email in and I think my time is almost up. Everything is going pretty well here. Nothing too spectacular has happened. The work is going pretty good, but it’s a little different than I have been used to, so I’m still adjusting. Driving has been fun. I think I learned really fast. I haven’t had any problems. I will be taking my theory (written) test next week and hopefully my practical (driving) test in a month or so.

It’s good to hear that everyone is well. I pray for everyone each night. I love you guys. I’m so grateful for the family I have. You’re amazing!

Elder Kade Karges

Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22, 2009


So last week we were told we could use a certain computer at the church to email and then right when we started, we found out that we weren't allowed to use it ha-ha. We decided to be obedient and try to find another way. We found a library that has internet, but it charges £2.50 and hour! So I tried to get on last week and send another email, but I only paid for 15 minutes and it shut down before I got it sent... I am back at the library now. We are using it today, but next week we think we found an internet cafe that only charges £1 an hour.

To answer your questions.. We live in a side apartment of a member’s house. We have our own entrance, but they are connected by the laundry room and garage. It’s not the best flat.... but maybe I was just spoiled in Portsmouth. It is a lot smaller and not the cleanest. We have a car in our area, actually I’ve been the one driving for the last 2 weeks. I am trying to get practice so I can take my test soon. My American license stops working at the beginning of August, so if I don’t have a license by then I can’t drive. There are a lot of round abouts here which was new, but I’m doing well at manual. We often pick up some YSA guys to come on teaches with us and on my third day ever driving in England they didn’t even realize I was just learning.

Elder Gasparato is from Italy and has a European license, so he can drive here anyways. He is really cool and funny. I didn’t even realize it until yesterday, but he is my first foreign companion!! We get along really well and are having fun. He is basically training me to be a zone leader. I am liking it so far. There are two districts in our zone, one with 3 companionships and the other with 4. Then there's us (we're not really considered a part of either district). The District Leaders account with us nightly and the AP's call us in the morning to see how things are going. Every Sunday we account for the whole week to the AP's (and President every other week). This all sounds pretty boring, even to me, but I thought you would like to know ha-ha.

I like the area. It’s not as English as other areas because it is all pretty modern, but it is pretty green. It is only twenty minutes from the Temple actually! I went on exchange there with Elder Church this week and we had a DA on the temple grounds. It was pretty cool. We took a couple of investigators to the Temple as well on Saturday. It is a lot easier to arrange a trip from here.

Thank you so much for you prayers and birthday wishes! I had a great birthday :) I got the food and the cards, but no package yet. It arrived in Portsmouth after I left. I will get it soon though. I wasn’t expecting so much from TESCOs!! I have so much food! Thank you! (TESCO is a grocery store in England that makes deliveries. For his birthday we ordered a cake and a few other things that were delivered to him.) I love you so much and hope things are going well. Have a great week!

Elder Kade Karges

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 15, 2009


This week has been pretty crazy and hectic with moves and all. I like my new area so far and new companion. The living arrangements are pretty good. Elder Gasparato and I are the only two that live in our flat, but it is an extension of a member’s home. We have a separate entrance though and don’t usually see them. We are both Zone leaders and we will get a new mission president on the 1st of July.

I think everything is going well with the baptismal dates back in Portsmouth, but we don’t have any right now. We'll have some soon though.

The packer arrived in Portsmouth after I left, but I will get it tomorrow! On my Birthday! Thanks you!

We just found out we need to use the computers in a different place, so I hope I can get back on and write later, but if not... I love you and thank you for all your prayers and birthday wishes.

Elder Kade Karges

Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 11, 2009


I hope you all had an amazing week. I can't believe another whole moves has gone by. I thought I might stay since I was training, but I got moved to Crawley! I am serving as a Zone Leader with Elder Gasperato. He is from Italy. I have served around him before and he is awesome. I am excited for the next 6 weeks. I don’t know much about my area or zone, but the Temple is in my zone which is cool. Elder Church is one of our District Leaders so I’ll be talking to him a lot more again. Elder Greeley got moved so he isn’t in my zone! I saw and talked to him at the Temple today though. I don’t really know what being a Zone Leader entails yet, but I’m excited to learn!

Things back in Portsmouth were and are going quite well. Liliana Ferreira and Paul Crawley are still scheduled to be baptized on June 20th. Liliana is struggling with smoking, but is determined to overcome it. Paul is doing great. We are hoping he will make friends with the YSA. We have/had a new baptismal date with a girl named Amanda Hicks for July 4th. That will be a good celebration for Independence Day! I don’t know any of the investigators here, but there is a baptismal date named Donald for July 4th as well. He is from Zimbabwe and from what I have been told, is amazing!

I am really going to miss Portsmouth. It almost felt like I was leaving home again. I grew really close with some of the members, especially the Taylor family and of course our recent converts. I will also miss my English Nan, Sister Margaret Mitchell. She is the lady we lived with. If you could send her a thank you card,that you be really cool. I wanted to leave one, but ran out of time. I wrote in her little book of missionaries though.

I love you and am grateful for all that you do for me. You are al0ways in my prayers!

Elder Kade Karges

Here's my new address, it is also updated on the side of my blog too.

The Oakland annex
Rusper Road
Ifield, Crawley, West Sussex
RH11 0LN

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 1, 2009

I know it’s not till tomorrow, but before I forget I just want to say,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! I hope your day is awesome!

Well the week has flown by again. I feel like I am always saying that, but a lot of the time I feel like I haven't even been here that long. Then I look back and it’s been 10 months! It definitely feels normal to be here though.

Everything is going great in the work. You asked if we had a baptism this Friday... I don’t know if I accidently said it that way before, but the last one we had was Aimee on Friday May 22nd. I think I sent a picture or two last week. Everything went really well though. She got a new job on the same day which has since taken a lot of her time, but maybe that’s why she met us when she did! The Lord has perfect timing. The next scheduled baptism we have is on June 20th, but I might not be here for it because it will be after moves. There are actually two investigators planning on that day, Liliana Ferreira (from Portugal) and Paul Crawley (English). They are both really cool and progressing well. We actually just taught Liliana about two hours ago. It’s PDay, but it was one of the only days we could see her.

We had an exchange this week with Chichester that had a bit of a twist. One of them did something to their phone and it stopped working the day before, so we had to use a pay phone all day. That made accounting at night a little different, but it wasn’t hard and it made for a good Journal entry. Two days later they finally got a new sim card and had a phone again.

It sounds like things started off a bit rough, but its good to hear that Mom is recovering well from the surgery. I’ve been thinking about it a lot actually and it is good to hear that all is well. When do they hope it will be completely healed by? and when will you have partial use? How is the list of activities you can do while you rest coming?? ha-ha

Moves is ten days away so we'll see if the package you are sending gets here. I think it will, but if not and I’m gone I can get it at zone conference. Even if you sent it to Portsmouth, whoever is here can get it to me. I don’t know if it would count as part of my birthday gift, but I thought of something during the week. When I was serving with Elder Church, he had an IPod Station that worked quite well for charging and playing music. I have been thinking about getting one myself, but don’t have the money... It’s not something I really need, but it would probably be like 30 or 40 pounds. Everything else temporal is going well. In fact the young women put together two shoe boxes full of food for us, and a couple other ward members have also provided some food. The lady we live with was gone all last week, but she’s back now.

I’ve been finding it hard to find time to write people letters, but I’m working on some. I have lost track of a few I think, but I am trying. I really do appreciate getting letters, so thank you to those who are writing.

Have a great week everyone! I love you.

Elder Kade Karges

Last PDay we found out we could tour this castle for free because we have a portsmouth library card, so we took advantage. Heres a few of the pics!

Me chillin with the knights of South Sea Castle.

roaming around on top of the castle walls

-Me taking charge of the cannons on top of the castle.

man some of those cannons are huge!