Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Phone Call Home

Phone calls home are the BEST days for the family of a missionary. And we got to have one of those with Elder Karges today!

Everyone gathered over at Mom and Dad's house on Sunday morning to be there for the call at 9:45. We started dialing at 9:35 to see if we could get through.....and the phone gave us a busy signal. Dad dialed and re-dialed and re-dialed....then Kyle and I think even Jennie took a turn pushing the redial.

We tried for quite a while and even said a family prayer. I guess Elder Karges got a little nervous too so he called me mom's cell. Mom and Katie were about ready to cry then. We finally got the dialing worked out and got him on the phone.

And THIS is how our family sits to talk with our favorite missionary.

He sounds wonderful! He is so upbeat and I loved to hear the lilt in his voice that he's picked up over there. We can tell he's working hard and representing the Savior well.
Some highlights?

He got hit by a car....twice (he tried to tell us "no comment" but we dragged it out of him)

He makes pancakes with his Krusteaz mix from Costco and Maplene my mom sent him. He even made some and shared with his companion that morning.
He had a baptism yesterday and a confirmation at church today.

He has a special meeting coming up with Elder Uchdorf and Elder Anderson (We can't wait to hear about it)
He got his backpack back safe and sound.


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