Wednesday, September 10, 2008

September 10, 2008

Hey Mom and Dad!
This week has been really good. Nothing to exciting though. I have had a lot of really good experiences and am really learning what missionary work is all about. It’s hard to think of what to say in my emails because so much has happened. Sorry if I repeat myself or jump around a lot.

I love going to church now! It’s a good break from my hectic week where I can feel the spirit and spiritually rejuvinate (sp). It feels like even more than that though, I feel better physically too. My comp and I taught the adult Sunday school class this week. The ward isn't very big and is made up of a lot of new converts. The leadership is pretty good though and all the people are really nice. It is really cool that the church is the same no matter where you go. Almost everything is just like home. The people are a little different and the chapel building looks more like a fire house but it’s cool. The bishop is only 25 and the ward mission leader is only 18! He hasn’t even been on a mission yet, but he is amazing. Sometimes I think he is more prepared than I am right now. I haven’t had as many DA's (dinner appointments) but that’s ok.

We did a bit more finding this week. We either walked up and down the High Street (where all the shops are, each city has one) or knocked a street. Our investigators are always changing. We have a few less now, but that’s probably better. I think we need to find some more committed ones. Oh and I am in London basically. The London area is a lot like Phoenix in the sense that it is made up of a bunch of cities. I live south of the River Thames, the other side of the river is the London mission.

I did get you letter. Both of them actually. I got the one with my blessing and the article first. That was a really good story by the way. I liked it. The next day I got the one that was supposed to be an email. It was good that you sent it because I could read it without spending time on the computer. I hope I answered questions you had in that letter, I cant remember it all that well. If I didn’t answer something, ask me again!

I asked the guys if they knew of a good way to send packages, but they didn’t. Sorry. Thanks for trying so hard though. That way you found is probably the best. I don’t know if it would be cheaper to send the money, probably not. Twenty bucks would only be worth half that over here. (I was trying to send him a few things that he left here – 1st attempt was $75, I eliminated a lot and had a 2# package that was still $45. With LaDawn’s help I found some flat rate boxes that go for $38 or an envelope for $11 no matter how much it weighs. I was hoping England might be a bit better, but oh-well

I’m pickin up on a little slang over here. Like Trousers instead of pants(means underwear instead) and mates instead of friends. They say things like “oh that’s well good mate.” Everything else is pretty normal. I don’t have a bike. I walk a lot and take buses. I have a monthly bus pass. It’s called an oyster card. The bus system is huge over here. Everyone uses it. They have an extra fee for driving big cars and gas is like 13 dollars a gallon! I see a lot of cars I don’t recognize, but there are a lot of normal ones too. Most of there cars look like hatch backs, even civics and stuff. I saw a corvet the other day and a H2 though. People are either proper rich or pretty dang poor over here.

Well good luck with school and everything. Cheers (thanks/goodbye). I love you guys and hope your week goes well with school and work and the hunt for a house.

Elder Karges

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