Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October 1, 2008

Hey guys!

This week is going great. Thanks you for those two letters mom! I got them both yesterday. It was a great surprise! It’s easier to find time to read letters. I love them and I love the emails too.

That sounds like quite an exciting Sunday, haha. (We were helping with the Primary Program.) I’m glad you all survived. Mine was good. No investigators showed up... it’s really disappointing when that happens. A few had committed to come, but as Elder Kopischke told us, the only limit to what our faith can do is the agency of others. It was a good meeting though. It was a missionary homecoming, maybe we will be able to get him out on some teaches with us. They had a big lunch thing after too, for the whole ward! It was awesome. I love free food.
Ill try to tell about my week real quick.
Thursday was zone meeting. It went really well. I love President and Sister Swinton. I had my first President’s interview which went well. It was really quick. I hear that short interviews are a good thing :) haha. That took up all day. We saw Andrew and Stacia that night and a couple of times since them. They have been getting taught since before I got here. Pray that they will find a place to move out to and that they will get married soon. They have a little 15 month old boy named Ramario. He is the coolest little kid.
Friday we had half of a normal day and the other half we had an exchange with the AP's. They are cool and I know why they are the President’s Assistants. They are such good missionaries! I learned a lot from them.
Saturday we had grounds day so we cleaned up the church in the morning. Service is a good way to start out your day. We did some knocking and had a DA with a Jamaican member name Elizabeth. She is an amazing cook! We also taught a 22 year old named Zack. It went well, but he is worried he ca’t come to church because his whole family goes to some weird celestial Church of God or something. It is scary to see the things that the Adversary has come up with to lead people astray.
Sunday was that church meeting I talked about and a couple of teaches. One was a family who had a friend over from their church who was actually from the US Air Force. It was cool to hear an American accent. I don’t know what to think of that teach. They are from a church that is way to close to ours to be a coincidence. I don’t know the name, but they claim to have an apostle and have a few temples. They would be such a solid family in the gospel. I hope we can help them.
Monday was normal. We taught a lady named Kiesha who has been around for a long time. Some of the ward even thought she was a member. Pray for her that she won’t be afraid and will want to be baptized SOON. She has dyslexia so pray that that will get better as she reads the Book of Mormon too. Thanks!
Tuesday (PDay-eve) was normal too. One potential investigator led us on a wild goose chase all morning and we didn’t even teach her. It was frustrating, but the rest of the day was good. We saw Stacia and Andrew, and Kiesha again. We are trying to see Kiesha everyday. We tried to plan a date with her, but she backed out. She thinks she isn’t ready, but she really is. She is just afraid. We are trying to prepare her for the 12th. I hope it happens.
Today is Pday of course and it is going well. We got some cleaning done and I got a hair cut.
I don’t know what I want for Christmas yet. ( I had asked him to think about it.) I forgot to think about it during the week. Lots of cheezits and american candy for sure. Ill keep thinking.

Keep up the good missionary work everyone! I love you guys. It is good to hear that you are doing well. Have an amazing week!

Elder Karges

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