Monday, November 10, 2008

November 10, 2008


Things are going great here, still working away. Our two investigators with the baptism dates are doing amazing. They have learned so much and will have a joint baptism on the morning of Sunday November 16th! I am so excited for them. They are so cool. Mary is from Nigeria and Sujana is from Nepal. They didn’t know each other, but they have met a few times now. We just had stake conference and it was great! Both of them came.

I’m glad the family enjoys the letters. That’s why I try so hard. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep it up though haha. I’ll just keep telling about each week as it happens. They are pretty repetitious, so I might just start telling the highlights. As for this week...

Monday (PDAY!) went by really fast. I talked about it last email. We had it cut short on both ends. We have been really blessed for giving up some of our Pday time to teach, but today we made sure to have the whole day open haha.

Tuesday I went on exchange to Crystal Palace with Elder Poulsen. He is a cool guy. He was my District Leader (DL) last moves, but now he is training Elder McLacklan. Elder Christensen (my comp) is DL now so he needed to have an exchange with the new guy. Elder Poulsen and I just got to do it for fun. I liked it a lot. I’m used to Catford though and like it a little better. Crystal palace is kind of slow, while Catford is crazy busy.

Wednesday, we switched back halfway through they day. I was happy to be back. We had a few teaches and helped one of our new investigators pick up a large amount of groceries for a big family event coming up. I’ll talk more about that later.

Thursday was a really good day. We taught both Mary and Sujana one right after the other. Earlier in the day we got an unexpected phone call from the other Catford Edlers. Apparently they had found $70 on the ground! That’s like 140 bucks! They decided to share their little miracle with us and took us out to eat at Nandos. Nandos is a really good Portuguese restaurant that is famous among the missionaries. Everyone goes to Nando's and tries to see how hot of chicken they can handle. I am proud to say I worked my way up to "Extra Hot". I have a little sticker on the back of my badge to prove it. Ill have to send a picture to explain.

Friday we went on exchanges with the other Catford elders for about half the day. Elder Coombs and I had fun. We work in the same are so it was pretty normal. Mary and Sujana had their Baptismal interviews and passed with flying colors!

Saturday we had a dinner appointment with Elizabeth again. I have been over there a few times now. She is from Nigeria and is an amazing cook! I love Nigerian food. The rest of the day went well. We did a lot of finding (as well as the rest of the week).

Sunday was great! Like I said we had Stake conference. We took a train there, but were able to get a ride back with the bishop which was nice. We found the rest of the day except for one visit to an investigator named Felix. He is the one we helped get groceries. He said we could come over and when we got there, they were having a big party! They recently had a baby girl and they were celebrating with a lot of friends and family. We stayed for a while and they fed us some more amazing African food. We talked to their friends a lot and were trying to learn how to say things in their tribal languages. It was fun, We were the only two white guys at an African party haha!

Today was Pday again and we had a really full day. I think I did more today than any other Pday. We went and saw Tower Bridge as well as The London Eye and Big Ben. While by the Eye we did bumper cars and bowling. I have a lot more pictures that I will send later (I’ve already made a CD or two. I was going to surprise you and send them home). To answer your question about the weather ITS WAY RAINY! Yahoo said there is a flood warning over a lot of England. We got soaked sight seeing and I’m still wet.

I love you guys and hope things are still going well. Take care. You are always in my prayers.

Love Elder Karges

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