Monday, November 24, 2008

Nov. 24, 2008


When things are crazy or just all over the place, one of my Zone Leaders calls it a 'yard sale'. This Week has been a yard sale!! haha Things are going really well, we are really busy with everything, that is why I only had a half hour to email last week, well Thursday. I don’t remember everything I talked about last time, but ill try to pick out the highlights of the last two weeks.

Of course the biggest highlight was the Baptism of Mary Folusho Olatunbosun. She has been an amazing investigator and has a strong testimony. I know she will be an amazing asset to the Lord as a member of the church. Everything went well and the day was focused on her (I can’t remember if I told you already, but Sujana wasn’t baptized. Her husband didn’t like the idea of tithing and got upset with her. He even wanted her to move back to Nepal. She is still in London, but we haven’t seen her. She is a strong woman and wants to be baptized still, so I know she will find a way eventually.) She didn’t know too many people in the ward, but we still had a couple speakers and a full program. I felt really honored to be the one to baptize her. It was cool to have it right before church too, because she got Confirmed by Elder Christensen right after, in sacrament meeting. All and all it was a great day. I am trying to send pictures of it right now.

On Wednesday this last week we had a dinner appointment with a lady that actually ended up being at a care center (rest home). I don’t think all the guests were staying there, but they were all pretty old. She had intended it to be a thanksgiving dinner, and it was pretty close. I really enjoyed it. We wanted to try and teach some of them, as none of them were members, but they were pretty set in their ways, plus once they started with the wine, there was no chance. It was pretty entertaining though, to say the least. One of the men was Jewish, and long story short, he ate pork without realizing it! I know that’s bad, but it was kind of funny too! haha. An older lady asked him if he had ever had pork before and he said ''no... wait I thought this was chicken!!! I was thinking wow this chicken is really good.'' He stopped eating it, but said that it tasted good.

We had a couple other DA's recently. One was Monday night. We took Mary for her first FHE at a member’s house. That went well. We had another one Saturday night at Elizabeth’s again. She is in her mid seventies, but is the best member missionary I know. She had her son's fiance’ and three of her grand children over so we could teach them. They all live out of our area, but we still enjoyed it.

It seems like we have been teaching a lot of people that haven't become investigators because we don’t have a return appointment, or they are out of our area. We have had an excellent week though and have two more baptismal dates planned right now, a kid named Ricardo Graham (16) and a lady named Shade (late 50's pronounced Sha-Day). Their date is on the 7th of December right now, but might be moved back a week.

It is so good to hear from everyone and hear about the old ward. I miss everyone, but I am loving the work. Elder Christensen and I get along great and work well together I love him and look up to him as a missionary.

That is such exciting news about Kyle and Jenny's engagement! I am excited for them and look forward to having a new sister-in-law. I really have appreciated all of her letters and look forward to them :) She has been a big support to me. Let her know that and also tell Harmony I said hi back.

I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!

Love Elder Kade Karges

The first pic was of my district last moves. The only thing that has changed since then is Elder Coombes on the far left is gone and Elder Call is here. Oh and we have a new Zone Leader form Scottland named Elder King!! He is really cool

Me, Elder Gasperado (From Italy), Mary, Elder Lee (From Gilbert, AZ), and Elder Christensen (From Delta, UT) right before Mary's baptism. The other two missionaries are from Peckham and are the ones who found her and refered her to us.

Christensen, Mery, and I right before her baptism

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