Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1, 2008


A lot people say hello that way over here. That or they abbreviate 'are you alright' and say 'yaright' as they walk by. This week has gone well. It seemed a little slower than past weeks because nothing too exciting happened. We dropped a lot of investigators and did a lot of finding. I’m excited to pick some new investigators up this week though and see how many get baptized by the end of the year!

We have been teaching a guy named Jeff that works as the head baker at a bakery called Percy Ingles. He is really cool and loves the new things he is learning from the Book of Mormon. He comes from a pretty stout Catholic family and doesn’t know how to tell his wife he is meeting with us - haha. We asked him if they knew about it and knew that he reads the Book of Mormon and he said it never leaves his bag when he gets home... his wife saw it once and he said it was nothing and put it away quickly. It’s pretty funny, but I hope he lets them know soon so the gospel can bless his whole family. Once he does, we will refer him to the boarding area (Peckham) because that’s where he actually lives. We had a couple really good teaches with him this week.

We had a 16-year-old named Ricardo Graham we were teaching and who was getting ready for baptism, but we haven’t seen him lately. It could be a parental thing. Hopefully we'll see him soon, but his baptism is postponed for now.

Our only other main investigator is Timothy who is from Nigeria. He came to church and liked it and we will be meeting him a lot now. He is really cool, but hard to read because he doesn’t get real excited or show a lot of emotion about it. He keeps commitments and wants to know the truth so I know he'll find it.

Monday we went back up towards the Eye and Big Ben again. We did bumper cars with the whole zone, it was cool. I’m sending a couple pictures I snagged from Elder Christensen’s camera.

Not much else happened this week, except another one of our investigators invited us over for a celebration. It was pretty fun, but we didn’t stay long.(oh and they don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving over here, but the ward knows we do and they try to help us celebrate with Dinner Appointments. For PDay today we are having a little get together of missionaries, as well.)

I’m out of time now. I love you guys! Take care and enjoy the Christmas Season!!!

The first one is of me and Elder Sorbonne at Big Ben. Elder Sorbonne has been with me my whole mission so far its pretty crazy!

Elder Christensen and I in a bumber car near the London Eye

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Hello! My mom came across Kade's blog... My boyfriend is leaving for the London England Mission on Thursday. Does Kade have an email address?? Thanks!
Rachel Robinson (John's daughter, Lyle and Norlene's granddaughter)