Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August 10, 2009


My stress levels have finally gone back down after this week. It was an amazing experience to see the family get baptized and a great way to celebrate my hump day weekend! I’ll try to send a picture with the names of everyone involved with the baptisms. It was a great blessing to be a part of. Even now it doesn’t seem possible, and I know it wouldn’t have been without the Lord. The cake and other food helped to celebrate as well. (We had a grocery store deliver him a “Congratulations” cake and some other favorite foods to celebrate his hump day.) Thank you so much!!! Elder Gasparato says thank you as well :) To top it all off I passed my driving theory test on the 6th! Now I just have to schedule and take my practical. Until I pass that, I cant drive anymore :/

We have been finding and teaching other people all along the way, but most of them haven't stuck around for long. Now that we don't have the family as investigators, we really need to focus on finding new ones. We have some that we are excited about though. There are two nieces of a reactivated member that we have been trying to teach, but are struggling to make appointments with. Their names are Leigh and Taylor. They could be baptized this month if we see them soon. We are also teaching a cousin of one of the YSA that we bring on a lot of teaches. Her name is Emma and she doesn’t want to feel rushed, but she could be ready if she wanted.

We had two exchanges this week, both with sister missionaries. That was a first for me... I thought it might be a little weird, but it actually turned out really good. On a sister exchange we don’t go to their flat, but we can meet at the church and study with them and/or do some finding. With the sisters in Worthing we found on the highstreet for a couple hours and with the Epsom sisters, we did both. All four of the sisters in our zone are good, hard working missionaries, so we are grateful to have them here. We have several exchanges coming up with the rest of the zone.

I love you and hope things continue going well back home. I appreciate all your letters and support and if I haven’t written anyone back, let me know!! It is easy to forget who I have and haven't written. Have an amazing week!

Elder Kade Karges

Me with all of the food my amazing family sent me for my hump day! Thank you!

All of the Zone Leaders of my mission at Zone Leader Council with President and Sister Shamo

Dave Sinclair, Jason Orr, Dieuma Soopramanier, Katijah Naiker, and others!

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