Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 17, 2009

Ca va (Su vah)!?

"Ca va" is what we say to all the Mauritian people we meet. It means 'how are you' in French. Sometimes they get the wrong impression and go off speaking loads of French we don’t understand though.

This week has been full of miracles. Things are really going well. We finally taught the nieces I mentioned last week. Their names are actually Darian (12) and Taylor (10). They are really cool and are excited to get baptized. Their mother is less active and the father isn't a member, but we hope it will be good for the whole family. Their baptismal date is for August 29th. There is also a part member, less active family we found from Mauritius. Two of them, Kevin and Nando, now have a baptismal date for Sept. 12th. They are going to need a lot of encouragement to get there, but we are counting on the Lord to get them there.

We had two exchanges again this week, this time with Elders. I stayed in Crawley with an English Elder named Elder Tomlinson for the first one. He actually came out with me, so it was pretty cool to work with him. The other exchange I had was with an Elder from Bountiful who came out a moves after me. He was trained in the same district as me in London. Both exchanges were pretty good and the second was pretty exciting.... he didn’t know how to drive manual. We didn’t realize that before we started the exchange. Since I'm not allowed to drive, there was nothing I could do except pray and hope we made it through the day. We did, but it felt strange to me to have smooth shifting when Elder Gasparato came back to the area. I know the Lord was looking over us.

Crawley doesn’t have a whole lot of things to do for P-Day, but today most of the zone is coming here. We are going to play some English Football and have a good time, so I’m excited. Hope all is well. Have a great week!

Elder Kade Karges

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