Friday, September 4, 2009

August 24, 2009

Hello again!

This week hasn't been too eventful, but things are going great. We have been doing well as a zone and in our area. The zone had one of its best weeks in months last week.

In our area, there are 4 people preparing to be baptized. Darian and Taylor are 10 and 12 year old sisters with a date for this Saturday (Aug 29th). They are really cool and have a strong desire to be baptized so they can "officially be members of the church." Their grandma brings them because their mother is LA and their dad is atheist. We have met the whole family and they are nice, we just hope they will help support the baptism. The other two are Kevin (20) and Robin (11). They are cousins from a LA Maritian family. They have a date for September 11th. It can be hard to keep Robin focused, but Kevin has been really keen on everything. We hope he keeps his motivation and builds on it.

Today we are going to Brighton for P-Day. Elder Zundel, one of our district leaders, is going home next week and this is his last P-Day. I have been their on exchange before, but haven't looked around too much. It will be cool to be back on the coast for a bit.

For your question about the temple.... we don’t get to go through the temple very often (maybe 2 or 3 times a year). We do get to go to the grounds though. We try to take every convert there before they get baptized, we go there on moves day quite often, and we go on exchanges with the elders there once a moves. If the concern is for post, we also get post from the temple at Zone Conference and Zone Meeting. It’s a great blessing to have it so close even if we don’t get to go in very often.

I hope everyone is doing great and pray that you'll have an amazing week.

Elder Kade Karges

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