Monday, September 14, 2009

Sept. 14, 2009


It’s mostly Italian to say “Chao”, but we have been meeting and teaching a lot of people that speak Latin based languages and most of them understand, especially coming from Elder Gasparato. This week has been really good. We have seen a lot of miracles happen in our area, and the zone is doing well. One of those miracles wasn’t the baptism of Kevin and Robin, but Kevin will be getting baptized this Saturday. We felt it would be better for him to wait a week and be more prepared. Robin keeps saying he doesn’t want to do it now. I’m not convinced that he really knows why he is saying no. Maybe he just needs to wait until he is older.
Many of the miracles we have seen have come from new people we are teaching. We, along with the rest of the mission, have been praying to find more families and priesthood holders. We found three families this week that we are now teaching! One is a Sri Lanka Father and an Indian mother that have twins that were born in Germany and who are now 9. Another is a Mauritian family with a father, mother, brother, and sister. The last was another Mauritian family with seven members including parents, kids, cousins, and their Grandmother! The best part about these families is that they have both parents! There are not many full families left in the UK, so it truly is a miracle that we found three in one week. We are also teaching a boy named Johnson (11) who is scheduled to get baptized on September 25.

It’s good to hear that mom is feeling better. (I was sick and unable to go to the cabin over Labor Day. I had asked him about his health and his upcoming driving test.) I hope everyone else is feeling well. My health has been great for the most part. I haven't had any illness yet, so I am very grateful. I have been practicing driving with the member we live with actually and my driving test is on October 5th! Pray for me!

Elder Kade Karges

Me, Elders Meats and Mclachan, Sisters Pressgrove and Hardisty, Elder Zundel, Dave (A YSA Member from our ward), Elders Gasparato and Trevisan (the Italians)

E. Trevisan knew Elder Noor Sabbah in Italy and has been relayin' messages between us haha!

Me, Elders Zundel and Trevisan, and Sisters Hardisty and Pressgrove while on Pday with Brighton District.

All of the Zone Leaders of the mission, President & Sister Shamo, and the assistants at Zone Leader Council this last Tuesday. We have this meeting the first Tuesday of every transfer.

Jenni (mother), Martina (aunt), Barney (father), and Fran (nan=grandmother) at the baptism of Taylor, (10) Thelvina (8 - cousin), and Darian (12)!

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