Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nov. 2, 2009


Things are going well. We have had a lot of new investigators. We have actually been finding a lot of families lately, so they come and go in groups of 4 or 5 at a time. We have a few people that have been sticking around and we are trying to teach their other family members as well.

I may have mentioned some of our investigators before, but right now we have two baptismal dates. One is Juliet (Nov 14th), who has come to church twice, but didn't make it this week. We actually haven't had contact for a couple days. We need to see her more often and meet her husband. The other current date is Valerijus (Nov 21st). He came to church for the third time this week and stayed for the whole block for the first time. He is a really funny Lithuanian guy. We actually played basketball with him last P-Day and are planning to do it again today. He has been bringing some Eastern European friends to church as well, but from all different countries. Two of them, Vladius and his wife, Vlada, we hope to give a baptismal date soon.

There is a Mauritian family we are working with as well. Serge (the father) and Dorella (the daughter) had baptismal dates for the fourteenth, but they haven't come to church yet, so that won’t be possible. We will see them soon and reset a date, hopefully including the mother, Mariolane, and granddaughter, Chelsea.

The zone is doing well, and so is the mission. A lot of changes have happened lately and we are starting to see the effects. Something that has affected me lately was going on a full day exchange with one of the Assistants. They haven't had their own area in the past, but have been given one and are trying to make it work. They are often busy at the office or helping President Shamo. It was a pretty abnormal day for me being at the office so much. The family they live with basically own a mansion though. It really felt like one as I slept there for the night. They own several acres of land on either side of there house as well. We also had an exchange in Brighton which went really well, but their flat wasn't nearly as nice. I guess you can find both ends of the spectrum everywhere you go.

Its starting to get dark, rainy and cold here, but
I hope you enjoy and warm week back home!

Elder Kade Karges


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