Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 16, 2009

Hello again,

Sorry about the short email last week. I didn't manage my time on the computer well enough and barely got it sent off with what it had before it logged out! Next week is moves so I won't be able to email until Thursday. By then I will have taken my driving test on the 25th, so pray for me!

This week like most others has definitely gone by quickly. We had a really successful week. Sometimes we find a lot of new investigators or have a couple more members on teaches, but this week everything went up together, including people preparing for baptism! We have a couple families we are working with and a Lithuanian man named Valerijus. Valerijus was supposed to get baptized on the 21st, but will have to wait. The simple reason is for work, but we also think he is scared to pray. He has realized the significance of the fact that if the Church is true, no others are. Because he likes other faiths and comes from an orthodox back ground he isn't sure if he wants it to be true. He just went to the Temple yesterday, but is still undecided. We recommitted him to pray about it last night.

There is a Philipino family that now has a date for the 12th of Dec. Raul and Leticia are the parents and Neptune is their 11 year old son. The other family is from Mauritius. The father's name is Serge, and his daughter, Dorella, and granddaughter, Chelsea, are preparing for the 19th of Dec. We are hoping to commit Serge's wife, Mariolane as well.

We are working with another family I might have mentioned before, but I don't think I told the whole story. It is a huge miracle that I hope I have time to explain! Another Elder named Elder Binks served here a year ago and is currently the Assistant to the President. When he was serving here before, he had felt prompted to just say hello to a 12 year old girl (Janet) on the street. She turned around and said "Hey I think I am Mormon, but I haven't been baptized.") They found out that her mother (Coralia) had joined the church when she was twenty and even served a mission in Portugal (where she is actually from). When she got off her mission she had married a recent convert (Janet's father), but he had soon fallen away and had even forbid them from going to church. Elder Binks and his companion attempted to teach the family, but the father wouldn't allow it. Two P-Days ago we invited Elder Binks and Roberts to play basketball with us and Valerijus. Before they met us at the church they went to the town center, where (1 year later) they met Coralia again! What made it even more of a miracle is that Elder Binks had just finished telling his companion the story of meeting Janet on the street. Coralia was excited to see him and told him that she was now separated from her husband and would like us to come around again. When they finally made it to the church, they explained everything to us and that night we went to see her.

When we met her that night, she was very happy to see us and we taught her and Janet right away. We found out that they had attended church for some time in Brighton about 5 years ago, but when Janet and her brother (Jonathan-16) had attempted to get baptized, their father had put the brakes on the whole thing. I don't know much about the father except that he has gone pretty anti and is even preparing to be a priest of some other church. Over the last two weeks we have taught them all several times and both kids have been to youth. They have been to church as well and want to be baptized, but until there is a legal separation agreement they can't be. Until then we will continue to visit and hopefully things will happen quickly.

Well I hope you all have another amazing week! Tell everyone in the 12th ward area I said hello and especially congratulate Noor for me. I love you all and pray for you all the time!

Elder Kade Karges

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