Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

The call came yesterday morning that I was leaving Crawley :/ so last night I packed, this morning I went to the mission office, and now I am emailing you from my new area :) Staines! Staines is on the South west of London and is actually in Surrey, but we live in a place called Hounslow which is IN London. I haven’t been here long, but it is cool to be back in London. Technically we actually live north of the Thames River because it dips south a bit.

I was sad to find out that I was leaving Crawley. I really liked it there and looked forward to serving with Elder Christensen another moves. As the mission rules go we aren't supposed to call around or stop by anyone, but I was able to say goodbye to quite a few people in appointments and just doing our daily things.

I think I am more excited to see how things go in my new area than I was sad to leave my last. My new companion is Elder "Bong" (it’s actually spelled Bang with a little circle over the 'a'). He is from Denmark and has been out a little bit shorter than me. He has been to the states a lot and speaks great English. My first time meeting him, a few months ago, I actually thought he was British or American.

Our area has two companionships and we live in the same flat, so it’s a lot like Catford! And guess who is in the other companionship... Elder Greeley!!! He is actually one of our district leaders so we'll be accounting with him in person instead of over the phone. His companion is Elder Fielder who is from Wales and he came out at the same time as Elder Carlson, the missionary I trained. I am excited to serve around both of them.

That’s about all I know about my area right now, except that the missionaries consider it India. Just walking down the street I have noticed that about 80% of the people aren’t English. Most of them are either Hindu, Muslim, or Sikh.

In Crawley we had a lot of investigators preparing for baptism. I will try to keep you posted when they happen.

>Valerijus (from Lithuania) for this Saturday, Nov. 28th
>Raul, Leticia, and Neptune (11) Boongaling (a Philipino
family) for Dec. 12th
>Joanna "Asha" (from Poland) for Dec. 12th
>Serge, Dorella, and Chelsea Permal (from Mauritius) for
Dec. 19th

There are a few other people really close, but we have to wait for other things to clear up before we can give them a date.

I don't know the investigators here, in Staines, very well, but I know we have two preparing for baptism and will tell you more about them on Monday!

I Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Kade Karges

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