Thursday, December 24, 2009

December 21, 2009

Elder B and I with Elders Carr and Bien trying to take a proper Christmas picture as we ended our exchange in Slough.

Merry Christmas!!!!

This week as been amazing!   We have had a lot of miracles and YES we got snow! Of course that means its cold, but I've never lived around snow really so it’s been exciting. The morning it snowed we ran straight outside and made a small snowman. Someone destroyed it before we left the flat again at 10, but it was worth while.

The miracles we have seen include a man named Parry who called us and asked to be baptized. Apparently he was taught once in October and received a Book of Mormon. Since then he has read it and gained a testimony that it is true. Another miracle was when we taught Craig and Balinda the word of wisdom and chastity and before we came back for the next teach, they had come up with there own goals and plans of how to keep the commandments. They are preparing to be baptized with Balinda's daughter, Mary Jane, on January 2nd. They are amazing! The other miracle I'll share today is about Tsana. I mentioned Pearly's family before (thanks for praying for William, her husband... his heart really needs to be softened) which is how we met her. She was there for just one lesson, then we taught her the plan of Salvation, ending with an explanation of temple marriages. She had been pretty against everything until she heard the last part and then said, "that makes sense".... She came to the temple on Saturday and saw the Joseph Smith film, went home not planning to go to church, but showed up in the morning, and Sunday evening she texted us sharing her testimony of Joseph Smith after doing her own historical research.

I wish I had more time to write more people and thank you for all your prayers and for all that you do. I know it is helping because that is why I have so little time! Missionary work is busy but I love it! I am excited to talk to you at Christmas and hope your week goes well. I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas. I love you!

Elder Kade Karges

Me and the snowman Elder B and i made at 6:30am (for our 1/2 hour of exercise). It only snowed for one night, but we got a couple inches :)

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