Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Best Christmas Gift This Year

Elder Karges called home on Christmas morning.  It was the most anticipated and joyful present the Karges family received this year!  We really, really, really look forward to talking with him.  We all arrived in plenty of time to start the call.  The whole family was gathered around the piano bench with the phone perched on top.

Dad dialed.  It went through the very first time, Yes!  An elder answered the phone, took us a minute to decode his "english"  but he basically said Elder Karges wasn't there....hmmmm.  What?  He's out doing real missionary work?  Okay we'll cut him a break.  We said we'd call back in 10 minutes.  We actually called back in 15, and the wait was totally worth it.

A few highlights of the conversation:

  • He's still preparing for his English driver's test.  Scheduling it is crazy because the appointments are made 5 or 6 weeks out and transfers come up every 6 weeks.

  • Jenny got to say hi to her best friend growing up, Elder Greeley, because he and Elder Karges are in two different companionships sharing a flat. We are excited they are together!

  • He is sleeping in the front room of his flat ("english" word for apartment) because mold has taken over his room....gross...guess it's a continual problem there.  Sounds like the bathroom isn't any better.  Aparently they just get in and out as quickly as they can.

  • He and his companions actually leave the mission about once a week right now. Say What? Yes. They got permission to cut across a corner of the London North Mission (I think) to cut way down on their travel time driving within their zone.

  • He has had some interesting food over there in England. He likes the traditional English roast dinner…apparently they roast their potatoes and there is lots of gravy involved…or was that a different meal? He’s had lots of ethnic foods because he teaches a lot of immigrants. And he’s had Mexican food once or twice. Oh yeah, and apparently he had to go all the way to England to discover his love for pasta…I thought you went to Italy for that?

We may have spoken a little longer than we had first planned, ahem, but it was the BEST part of Christmas.  At the very end Elder Karges and Elder Greely sang us "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" - the girls were tearing up - The whole family sang it back - even the kids, even Dad! 
We Love YOU Elder Karges!  We hope you had a VERY merry Christmas!

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