Saturday, August 23, 2008

August 23, 2008

I wanted to try and send you pictures but its not working. Ill keep trying. i have a lot of really good ones. Church history stuff and some that would work for my thing on the wall at church. I won’t be able to explain them very well if i do. Stuff like the temple and where President Hinckley stayed when he got that letter from his dad on his mission. The place where the twelve apostles stayed and where their first meeting house used to be.

The group I’m in has 22 elder 2 sisters and an older couple. Actually the couple is gone already. Everyone is going to either London, London South Or Birmingham. London will take the train and the other two will take a bus together. It’ll take mine the longest to get there. Probably 4 to 5 hours.

Oh the first Sunday I sang in a quartet haha. It was fun. We sounded pretty good I think. We got a lot of compliments.

I went trackting on Thursday! I was a little nervous but it was pretty fun. We drove about an hour away and just knocked doors in a neighborhood. We taught one lady like half of the first lesson and then realized she was repeating herself a lot. She was really old and it turned out had memory problems. She kept telling the same story about getting taught by catholic nuns as a little girl. She seemed really interested in hour message, but we left eventually. We talked to e few other people briefly and then we ran into an inactive guy. He let us right in and said he went to church as a teenager, but joined the army. He hadn’t been to church in twenty years! It didn’t seem like he was planning on going back real soon, but it wasn’t out of the picture. He was really really nice though. He was grateful that the church kept him out of trouble as a kid and had been out with the missionaries way back in the day so he knew we would like to see a friendly face. I turned his name in when we got back and they set up people from the word to go talk to him. I talked to a guy personally and gave him everything I knew. They are supposed to go meet him today. Hopefully I’ll hear what happens. He was home on sick leave because he broke his leg. Hopefully they can reactivate him before it heals and he leaves again haha.

The verse I wanted was in Alma 37: 35-37 i think. It was in my letter I think. My comp is going to Birmingham. I just resent that first email I tried to send dad to moms email.

The church out here is really strong, but the members are pretty spread out and a lot are converts. I don’t know what else to try and cram in- in the time I have left.

It sounded like everything was great! Write back soon! I don’t know when my p-day in the field will be for sure. I think it’s wed and I’ll be traveling so it might be a week and a half. I love you and i hope things are still going well.

Love, Elder Kade Karges

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