Thursday, August 28, 2008

August 28, 2008

HEY! I am in my first area already! The mission home should have sent you a letter with a picture and stuff already. That letter will have a lot of information from the last couple days. The mission home is like 50 yards from the temples doors! I have been so busy! I am in the Catford area and my companion is Elder Warner from Ogden Utah. He is really cool and I think things are going to go well. We already have two teaching appointments tonight! I am in the London area so it’s really busy around and lots of people. I don’t have a bike, we will just take the bus everywhere. All companionships have cell phones, but it’s strictly for missionary work. My comp holds on to it.
I did get my scriptures back. Sorry I forgot to tell you. Thanks for sending another copy of my blessing though. Yeah it seems like mail has been taking a while. If you send it to my direct address now that I have one, it should go a lot faster. It is- #9 Highland TerraceAlgernon RoadLewisham, LondonSE13 7ABEngland I’m glad everyone is healthy and doing good. That’s cool that it’s been raining. Az really needs it. That’s great that you have been reading about Joseph Smith. I love him. He was such a great man and did so much for us. I know that he is a true prophet of God and really saw Him and Jesus Christ. We watched the Joseph Smith movie that usually shows at the Visitors Center in the MTC. It is amazing. If you haven’t seen it lately you really should. I watched it by myself before I left too. It really brings the spirit. Everything has become so much more real since I’ve come out here. I love it. Quite a few family members have written me and I’m working on writing them back, I’ve just been way too busy. Thank you for passing parts of my emails and letters on. It really helps. I’m really trying to write them and love getting their letters. All in all, I’m doing great. I love missionary work. It’s so good to hear from you, It’s the highlight of my week. I love you and hope things continue to go well. Thanks for everything.

Elder Kade Karges

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