Monday, March 16, 2009

March 15, 2009

Hello Everyone!

Things are going amazing here. This has probably been the best week of my mission so far. It’s kind of strange too, because Elder Church's back has been hurt, so we couldn’t always be out working, but he really pushed through it and we have been blessed. We have two baptisms coming up this weekend. Vicky Odhiambo I think I have talked about before. She originally had a date for the 28th, but we challenged her to move it forward and she accepted! Her story just keeps getting more miraculous. Apparently she moved in to the place she is living now only 2 days before we met her and we met her walking home. We met her on the 25th of last month and she is getting baptized less than a month later. Sophie Turner was the referral we got from Lyndsey Taylor. She had come on our first teach with Vicky and then referred her friend. Sophie also originally had a date for the 28th, but after going to the Temple and because of some activities scheduled on that day she moved hers forward too! She is going to be baptized 15 days after we first met her!! It’s amazing. They were both ready even before we met them. God prepared them. I have been so grateful to be apart of it because I know that any other missionary could have, but Heavenly Father chose Elder Church and I. The other thing that made the week so good was that we got to go to the temple! We took both Vicky and Sophie and a bunch of members came. Most of the members were YSA, so it was loads of fun and we got food afterwards. I am so glad we have the new visitor’s center and I love the Joseph Smith film. I have some good pictures of a lot of the things that have happened lately, but don’t know if I’ll be able to send them today.

The rest of the week is pretty much a blur. Zone Meeting (Z.Conference was earlier and includes multiple zones, Z. Meeting is just ours and we have our interviews) was great. President Swinton talked and usually Sister Swinton does, but she stayed home to focus more on President Monson's biography. I don’t know it I told you or not, but our new mission President is coming in July and will be Lyle Shamo.

I am excited for the upcoming week and glad that the baptisms get to happen before moves, which is next week. So I won’t be emailing next Monday, it will be Thursday. I hope I stay here with Elder Church. We really get along and I love the area and the ward. Things are going so well, but I have been here 2 moves already so there is a good chance that I could move. I’ll keep you posted. Oh and thank you for arranging my backpack to be picked up. Maybe I can go and get it on moves, or if I stay the ward has Stake Temple day on the 28th so that will work. Oh and I noticed that you said there was a cord in my backpack. I don’t think there is. There is a little card reader for my memory card, but it looks more like a USB drive. That reminds me that my USB drive is in there as well ha-ha. I’ll let you know if the envelope you sent comes next week. Thank you so much.

Things sound good back home. I was thinking just yesterday how big Brinton and Bekah must be. It’s weird to think about, but I’m excited to see pictures and things. I am praying that the home will be available for you as well.

I really like hearing from you Kevin. That sounds like quite a problem with not having a place to live after summer ha-ha. It’s all good though I know you'll work it out. Missionary life is good man, they find the place for you... for two years! If you know of a way to get Tommy or Aden's email it would be cool to talk to them. Man it doesn’t seem like all those guys have been gone that long, but its good to hear they're back.

I love you guys, have a great week!

Elder Kade Karges

The Hovercraft i road on to get to the Isle of Wight.

The house we live in. Sister Mitchell lives downstairs, we live upstairs.

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