Monday, March 2, 2009

March 2, 2009


It’s March Already!? What happened to February?? haha. It seems like New Years was just yesterday. This week has been pretty eventful. We have been on two exchanges, dropped a baptismal date, picked up a new one, and got our bikes fixed. I was excited to see the wedding pictures that you sent last week. I would love to see more. I'm glad things are going well for them. It’s ok that you haven't been able to get the family pictures to me yet. I'm not in a rush, but would still like them. Wow, Sadek is coming home already? That is pretty cool. Let me know how that goes.

Monday this week went well. We had kind of a lazy PDay. We didn’t do much, but we didn’t have bikes to travel with, so we couldn't go real far. In the evening we taught Isabel and Alison. Alison is the former investigator whose father recently passed away. We are still teaching her, but slowly. She wants to believe, I think she is just scared to actually try and find out because she is scared she won't get an answer. They fed us dinner though and hopefully we'll see them soon.

After district meeting Tuesday we had our first exchange. The Zone Leaders came to our meeting so that right after I could just go back to their area with one, while the other stayed here with Elder Church. I was with Elder Packard (from Idaho) in South Hampton. They actually have a five man flat over there tight now (the zone leaders and a tri). There used to be two normal sized companionships, but there was a late arrival a week into moves. Elder Bien is from Ohio and went to the Provo MTC because he was called to Mandarin Speaking ELSM. He served in Utah for a month while waiting for his Visa and then come out here and now serves with Elder Cook (St. George, UT) and Elder Judd (PIMA, AZ!!!). It was a good exchange. I learned a lot from Elder Packard and it was cool to me around all the other missionaries for the day.

Friday was our exchange with Chichester. I went there with Elder Hayes, while Elder Seidle came here. We all had a good day. Chichester has been struggling a little, but they are diligent and will be blessed for it.

The other days of the week were pretty normal. We ended up dropping Marnie, well he dropped us. He still believes strongly in Karma and things and had just been meeting with us for information sake. I know he felt the spirit though, so hopefully he'll give it another try. We met a lady named Vicky this week that we have taught twice already and came to church. She is amazing and is by far the best part of my week. She has a baptismal date already for March 28. Moves is on the 26, but hopefully both of us get to stay to see it. We had a few good teaches with Isabel this week. One of them we had a laurel aged girl with us and we all sang Joseph's First Prayer. It was really cool. We are teaching a few others, but they are kind of off and on so I'll keep you posted if anything big happens.

Oh and we got the bikes back Saturday :)

Elder Church and I are still getting along great. We probably talk too much sometimes, but we work hard too! The district is doing great. I haven't had any interviews yet, but will in a couple weeks with the Isle of Wight. I love you guys and hope you have a good week.

Elder Kade Karges

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