Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February 23, 2009


Wow you have had an exciting week. Thank you so much for sending pictures. I am excited to have a new sister-in-law. I know I missed a lot, but I’m glad I at least knew them both before I left and have pictures to see what happened. I’m not going to lie, I don’t miss having to stand in the wedding line for two hours haha, but I would have done it if I was there. The car looks very creative, how did the ring service go. You'll have to keep me posted on missionary experiences that come from it. I pray that you find the right house every night. I know the Lord will answer our prayers, the right house just may not have come along yet. I hope it does soon though.

Wow the ward has changed so much. That is weird to think you all the younger kids in the priesthood and young womens. It makes me feel a lot older now haha. That’s ok though.

I have actually never heard of Pancake Day. I guess they don’t celebrate it in this area. I have had crepes. That’s actually all I could find for the longest time. It was kind of frustrating because they are like 'weak-sauce' pancakes. They just aren’t the same. I am still using my mix from costco right now. I make pancakes a couple times a week :)

Our investigators are doing well. Marnie is working towards a baptismal date on March 14, but has a lot to learn. He believes in Karma and Reincarnation still (he is from Sri Lanka). He is very open minded though. We are actually seeing Isabel and Alison tonight. We haven't seen either of them for a while now, but hope to see them more often. We have a new investigator that came to church. Her name is Annie and she is from Zambia. I am excited to see her progress.

Our week in genera l has been great. It has gone by so fast. We had zone conference Thursday and Tuesday was my first district meeting and exchange as DL. I was a little nervous, but it went well. I love you guys and hope your week is amazing.


Elder Kade Karges

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