Monday, February 2, 2009

February 2, 2009

Hello Everyone!

It’s snowing here!! It snowed a little yesterday, but didn't stick and then when we woke up in the morning there was about 2 inches! Of course it is already melting, but I took pictures while I could, and if it doesn’t melt then we couldn’t ride our bikes. We have an appointment tonight that is pretty far way, so I hope we don't have to walk. This week has just flown by. Actually this whole moves (transfer cycle) has. Elder Orme were talking about it last night. A really common saying over here is that "the days go by like weeks and the weeks go by like days." That saying is really true. Some days are really long, but it seems like last PDay was just yesterday.

I sent a couple pictures already. One of them was of last pday. Elder Orme and I went to a nearby golf course and hit a few balls at the driving range. It was really cheap and its something Elder Orme has been really wanting to do. He used to go golfing almost everyday back home, either with his dad or best friend. He is really good, but I need some practice. I've been golfing a few times and to the driving range. I think my main problem was they didn’t have tee's and I'm not use to hitting off the ground. Oh well, it was fun. We got some video footage of our first swings. I'll have to find a way to send it home. I have a few other videos I've been wanting to send.

The middle of the week was pretty normal. We did a lot of finding towards the beginning and at the end, but in the middle we had a lot of appointments. From what I hear, Portsmouth (pronounced like Ports-myth) is usually really busy. Things are starting to pick up a lot more still. We are constantly changing investigators. People are always really busy and worried about 'the credit crunch'. In time I think it will actually lead more people to believing in God and to the church.

Wednesday night we had a few meetings and went out with some of the young men and their leaders for the second time. We were supposed to be going to visit less active youth, but there was only one to visit, so one group just went knocking. It was pretty funny to hear them say how nervous they were because they had never done it before, especially the leader. Thursday we had Zone meeting in South Hampton. That was really fun and is always a spiritual boost. Its funny how we sit in chairs all day for those kinds of meeting, but are still just as tired as if we had been out finding all day. The spirit can really drain you. We had a couple DA's this week as well.

I really do love you guys and hope all is well. My time is up so I got to got go, but have an amazing week!
Elder Karges

Elder Orme and I at the driving range last PDay. Elder Orme was a big golfer back home... he's a lot better than me.

Me walking down the street to email at the library this morning with a snowball in my hands.

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