Monday, February 16, 2009

February 13th, 2009


I have about 4 minutes left but ill see what I can do.

This week has been very busy. The snow was unexpected but a lot of fun. Portsmouth is pretty protected from the weather, but it still got more than usual. The rest of the country got a LOT more than usual, so that makes sense that it made the news. It is sunny now though.

I’ll just jump to moves day. I went to the temple to meet my New Companion. His name is Elder Church. He is form Las Vegas and is the only member of his family. He was baptized 3 years ago. He is an AMAZING mission so far. I’ve only been with him a day, but I’m excited for this moves. I am District Leader here in Portsmouth, so I have less time to myself. I don’t really know how to be a DL, but I’ll figure it out as I go. Elder Orme got moved to Plymouth. Elder church's mom is form Mexico. (Sorry this is kind of jumbled, but I have no time left.) Everything is going great and I’ll be able to write you more on Monday.
Oh and I met elder Greely at the Temple!! It was really cool to see him. We aren’t serving very close, but I might see him from time to time. I took a picture with him, but on the way back from the temple, I lost my back pack.... Nothing to valuable inside, I had my camera in my pocket, but the card reader to connect with the computer is gone. It might show up in the lost property dep. at the station, we'll see!

I love you all! Hope to hear from you soon :)

Elder Kade Karges

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