Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January 26, 2009


I’m so glad you guys finally got the package! I sent that ages ago. I actually checked on it a week or two ago and the guy told me that the way I sent it usually take 6 to 8 weeks. They didn’t tell me that when I first sent it out... they said it might make it there by Christmas..haha. I can’t remember all the pictures I sent on the CD's. If you could let me know what the last few were, I could delete them off my memory card up to that point (Actually I might leave them on now that I have 5 memory cards haha, but let me know which ones I sent anyway). To be honest I probably wont be able to send a package like that again.. but it was worth a go. I'm glad you enjoyed it :) and I’m glad Beau was still around to get the jerseys to the guys. I was worried he would be gone already.

It sounds like your week has gone well, mine has too. P-Day was pretty cool. We finally made it down to the coast to check everything out. I just sent you a few pictures of that and I wasn’t watching the time, so I only have 5 minutes left! The rest of the week wasn’t too exciting for me. We have about five or six investigators, but they are all really busy. We are still teaching the two guys from Eretria. We are struggling to find a Book of Mormon they can read. We are teaching a cool university student named Wil. She is busy though.

Sorry I really got to go or I won’t be able to send this.


Love Elder Karges.

Me with Spinacker tower and an old ship in the background that you can take tours of (that costs money :/)

Elder Orme and I down by the coast.

Me on the steps at Spinacker tower.

Me at Charles Dicken's birth place. They turned his old house into a museum.

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