Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 12, 2009


It is good to hear from you all again. Wow this week has gone by so fast. I feel like I just emailed you yesterday... I’ll try to think of some new things to share. It sounds like everyone had a good week. I read about the light rail experience you all had. It sounds pretty exciting. It actually looks and sounds a lot like it is here. The buses and trains here are exactly like the way you described the light rail. That is pretty exciting that it is open now, I’ll have to compare the two when I get back.

Pday last week was pretty hectic. I can’t remember if I told you, but the computers were down for most of the day, but we finally got on and emailed. Elder Orme is taking driving lessons so that took up two hours last pday and will take one hour today. I think he is done after that. I’m trying to decide if I’m going to do it. It is expensive, but basically has to be done if I’m going to drive over here. Getting a license is expensive too, but President wants us to do it.

Tuesday was a really good day. We didn't have many appointments planned, but brought three people into the church off the main road near by and showed them a short dvd and taught them a little. Everyone is busy around here, so we haven’t met any of them again since, but we will soon. We also got a call from an investigator that had dropped off the map over the holidays. We ended up seeing her that same day and it went great. Her name is Laura. She had a baptismal date before and still wants to get baptized, things just got kind of crazy.

Wednesday was pretty cool too. It was normal until the evening when we went to help with young men’s. They wanted us to teach about missionary meals that are cheap and quick. After sharing a quick message, all the young men went to the shop and had a pound to buy a whole meal, came back and prepared it, and then we tested each of them and scored them on speed, taste, and presentation haha. One of their leaders has only been back from his mission for a year or so, so he also judged.

Thursday we met with Laura again and she had prayed about it and decided she wanted to be baptized on the 7th of February! She still needs to come to church a couple times before that, but I’m excited for here. We are seeing her again tonight.

Friday was zone Conference and it was great. The spirit is always so strong there. President gave us new goals for the year and the new theme is the tree of life. We are supposed to stand by the tree of life and beckon others to come and partake of the fruit. He shared a quote with us that I really like. I think it was Elder Bednar it said something like 'The tree of life represents Jesus Christ and the fruit is the blessings of the atonement'. Zone conference was up in Reading and after it was over, our Zone went to the Costco that is up there! We ate pizza and even shopped a little because a senior couple was with us that had a Costco Card. I’ll send a picture of what I got.

Saturday was pretty normal, and Sunday was really busy. After church there was a youth Baptism and then we went to visit a recently reactivated lady preparing to go to the temple. In between those we had a miracle with an assignment we got form the mission home. They gave us a list of referrals that had not been contacted over the last year and when we went to see one that was more than six months old, he let us in and we taught him about the Restoration. He was a really cool guy name David Sims that has been looking for the truth. He has been through a lot and has tattoos all down his arms, but is probably one of the most sincere investigators I've had.

I tried to think of as much as I could and hope I gave you a good idea of what it is like here. The missionary work is pretty much the same, the area is a little different. Nothing is as busy as London, but it is still busy here. I haven't been down on the coast yet, but will soon. There is a place called spinnaker (sp?) tower and a small castle down there. It has been pretty dang cold, but hasn’t rained for ages until today. I hope you all have a tremendous week! I love you.


Elder Kade Karges

Me outside of Costco, in Reading, with the big bag of American pancake mix I bought (I already tried it and made some mapleine syrup to go with it. It tasted just like home!) The mix should last me a couple months!

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