Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Pictures

Elder Christensen's mom made me pajama pants!

I dont think i ever sent Christmas pictures. The first is me wear things i got for christmas with the chair where is set out all my presents just like back home :) The second is the four of us at the member's home that fed us. That's her in the middle. Her name is Stella and she is amazing.

Editors Note: Just wanted to extend my apologies for posting a number of Elder Karges's letters all at once. Between the holidays, sick kids, and a vacation I've gotten a little behind.

I would also like to invite anyone who has e-mails/letters from Elder Karges that would like to share to e-mail me with them. We are planning to print out this blog in book form for him when he comes home. You can just share a comment, a quote from his letter or anything like that and I'll slowly get them worked in for his book. Thanks! Katie

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