Monday, April 6, 2009

April 6, 2009


Wow it sounds like you did have an eventful week. Thank you so much for working things out with my back pack. (His backpack was left on a train several weeks ago and was taken to Victoria train station which was out of his mission. Some very kind Missionary Moms and some very nice ward members helped him get it back. It took many weeks to coordinate the effort.) I’m excited to get it back. I should get it at Zone Meeting on Thursday. Thank the Loves for me as well. Elder Church doesn't have it, but I might be able to call the Elders in Maidstone and get their address from them. (The Love Family were the ones that retrieved the backpack. We would like to send them a small thank-you.) It was funny when they called me because we were at Vicky's house waiting to teach one of her house mates and it came up as unknown caller. Now long story short, there is a kid that is basically a missionary stocker... He lives near Bath (Elder Church's old area) and really likes Elder Church. He has figured out how to call the missionaries and find out where people are and had been trying to call us lately. I thought Brother Love was him, so I wouldn’t tell him who I was at first haha. We finally sorted it out and then he talked to Elder Church. It was pretty funny though.

Last week was kind of a bummer when I lost my email, but I wrote about the same events in my Journal, so I’m just going to try and copy it and send it to you.

This week has just flown by. We had zone conference and General Conference of course. Plus we had an exchange and a few other things that slowed us down. The baptismal date we had, we lost contact with.. sad, but nothing we can do about it. General Conference was the highlight of our week, both for us and our investigators. We had 5 investigators come to at least one session. None of them have baptismal dates yet, but hopefully some will soon. I loved the talks this conference. Its amazing to me how they always seem to be talking directly to me, but how everyone else feels the same way.

Part way through conference I was thinking about a kid I met up in Catford. His name was Kwame and his Dad was the leader of a large Christian faith in Africa. His Dad was paying for him to study in London and then expected him to take over as leader of the church, but the other Elders found him and were teaching him. He couldn’t get permission from his Dad to be baptized yet, but he had been watching conference recordings on the internet and kept saying how amazing it was. He just said how he had "never heard preaching like that before." I'm grateful to have grown up in the church and have been able to hear the Apostle speak all my life. It has just taken me 19 years to realize how special their words really are.

I love you and hope you have a great week. Happy early Easter!!

Elder Kade Karges

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