Wednesday, April 1, 2009

FW: Kade, March 30, 2009

well I’m back on... The computer went wacky and I lost my email.. It was totally done and I was about to send it. We had a miraculous day yesterday and I wrote all about it, but its all gone now.. sorry I’m out of time or I would write more. We have a few new investigators and a new baptismal date name Collin Robinson. Everything else is going great.

I am really looking forward to General Conference as well. Our chapel is the stake center, so we will be able to see most if not all of conference. Saturday morning session will be from 5pm to 7pm and then all the rest will be Sunday. Priesthood from 10am to 12am, Saturday afternoon session from 1pm to 3pm, Sunday Morning session from 5pm to 7 pm, and possibly Sunday afternoon session late at night.

I love you and hope your week is amazing.

Love Elder Karges

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