Friday, June 11, 2010

June 7, 2010


I'm actually emailing on time! I even have the full hour this week. Last Monday was an amazing experience. Pete and Anne Marie Buchanan got sealed after Pete also took out his endowment. Several other members of the Portsmouth ward were there. It was really good to see them. It took pretty much our whole day to attend the temple with them, and after wards they took us out to dinner. It was a pub, but it’s normal for a family to go there for dinner. It’s kind of like having a restaurant with a bar back home. Pubs actually usually have some of the best meals.

Working in Taunton is still going well. I feel like I'm really starting to understand the area. We work in other towns quite often called Bridgwater and Wellington. President actually served as branch President in Bridgwater when he was here on his mission. The ward is getting more and more excited about missionary work. We brought the Elders' Quorum President and his wife on a really good teach. It ended up that his wife and the father of the family, Andy, had gone to the same school growing up and even gone to a lot of the same activities at the local Methodist church. She got up this Sunday and bore her testimony about having a great experience out teaching with the missionaries! Because of her testimony other members are showing more courage about coming out.

We have invited all of our current investigators to get baptized and none have a date yet, but they are praying for answers and progressing. Andy and Debb we see once a week, they are such a good family. There daughter Hannah will hopefully come to church with them next week. Sam and John have their hands full, but have been changing so much. They have come from not wanting us to pray around them to wanting to be at church every week. Sam's not concerned with getting baptized anymore, only when and if she'll be ready. We had a miracle phone call on Friday. A member from another ward use to be branch president here. He called explaining that he sometimes still gets calls related to our ward. A woman in our area had called him wanting visits from the missionaries herself. She is from South Africa originally and has a few grown children. Apparently she is a colleague with a bishop in Germany who has been answering all her questions. We have taught her once and look forward to seeing her again.

Our zone and the mission as a whole could use your prayers. Things have dropped a little and we are about to get a lot more missionaries next week. This is really exciting, but will take a lot of work too. Next week is moves, so I won't be able to email until Thursday. I don't know if I’ll stay or go, so if you plan on sending things either wait till Thursday or just send them to the mission office. Thank you for all for the birthday cards I have already received. I have always appreciated your support and love you all!


Elder Kade Karges

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