Monday, July 27, 2009

July 23, 2009


Time keeps going by faster and faster. It seems like every week I am telling you that we have to wait till Thursday to email, but it’s really every 6 weeks. Today is moves day and we did go to the temple, but only to take other missionaries. Both of us are staying here in Crawley. Every other companionship in the zone (5/6) changed except one so next moves should be a pretty fresh start for the zone. I think the zone as a whole is going to be a lot better.

We have had a really good week and are excited for this next moves. The family we are teaching here in Crawley is back on track. Not only that, but the daughter that seemed the most against it before is now the most for it! The mother's name is Dieuma (Gemma) so we call them Diema's family (the daughters have different surnames). Dieuma and her 5 daughters that are old enough are preparing to be baptized on August 8th! My year mark! They are doing really well and are excited for their baptism. They prayed about and picked the day themselves. We have been really blessed to get to teach them. They have truly been prepared by the Lord in every way. Every time we teach them it amazes me how well they listen and help each other.

We are teaching a few other people as well. Some of them are close to accepting baptismal dates, but they are scared to make the commitment. It is clear that they are receiving answers, but they're not so sure. We have hope for them though. I’ll update you on them next week.

As for my driving tests, I won’t be retaking my theory test until Aug 6th now. I was supposed to do it July 28th, but we have a leadership meeting. I have a cd that I got from the office that I can use to practice that part of the test I failed before, so this time around it should go a lot smoother.

I love you guys and pray that things are still going well. Have a great week!

Elder Kade Karges

I finally made the sugar cookies you sent me ages ago (maybe for Christmas?). They were a little bit dark, but still tasted good :)

opening my birthday package! I was excited and surprised to see the mini PMG. Thank you! (I guess the starburst didnt make it through the heat of the post)

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