Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 7, 2009

Hello everyone!

Things are going great here in Crawley. Things have seemed different lately, but I have new responsibilities that I'm getting used to and now new leadership (ie President). We have several investigators, but our main focus is on a Mauritian family of a single mother with seven daughters! They are really cool and excited to be baptized on the 25th of July. Well, most of them are. They range from 17 years old to 2 months and the 15 year old (Melissa) likes to be the odd one out, so she isn’t so sure about it. Two of the girls are too young, but the 6 year old is probably more excited than the rest! haha. They are really cool. There is a Russian lady named Sariya that we hope with accept a baptismal date this week as well.

It was sad to say goodbye to President and Sister Swinton, but President and Sister Shamo are really cool. They have a daughter with them as well. Her name is Meagan and she is 15. They don't seem as executive, but are more on common level with us. President Shamo wants to come out on teaches and even finding with missionaries. We have already met him twice, first for Zone conference, then for zone Meeting. (as a side note, I didn’t realize how particular this setup is to my mission, I don’t know of any other missions that have zone meetings). That is actually why PDay is today instead of yesterday. He mentioned to me that he plans on leaving things how they are now, but in a few months he has a lot of things he might try. He has also been telling the whole mission about some changes that might happen church wide in missionary work. He said he is not allowed to tell what it is yet, but it is going to involve members a lot more.

You are right, that it will probably take a while to get to know him, but he is funny and cool. He is definitely different than President Swinton, but that’s what I expected. He served his mission here and told us that he and his companion got put in jail for a night once! haha. He is really happy and excited. Apparently he is responsible for basically all church videos and broadcasts that have come out in the last 30 years. He worked very closely with President Hinkley. He has already told us several stories about that and I look forward to hearing more.

Thank you for letting me know how the cabin was :) I was actually hoping you would. I was thinking about it over the weekend, but not in a sad way. It sounded like you had an exciting church service! haha. (We had a bear come into camp while we were in Church.) It is cool that Kevin got to fly in. I wanted to thank him for writing me as well. He can write directly to me if he wants. I would love that. Tell him I know what he is talking about when people say "amen" and "that’s right" during church. I don’t know if I ever told you, but we had a guy yell good morning back to the bishop once when I was in Catford. The same guy later said "that was a good snack" and "no thanks, I’m not thirsty" during sacrament.

Driving has been going really well. I need to learn specific maneuvers like parallel parking and backing around a corner, but I think I’ll be ok. The father of the family we live with is a driving instructor and offered to sit in with me for an hour to help, I think for free! Normally it cost like $30 an hour. That is a major blessing. I have to take a written theory test before I take the real thing. I have that test tomorrow, so your prayers will be greatly appreciated. I haven’t had as much time to study as I would have hoped, so I’m praying hard!

I love you guys and hope your summer is great. Enjoy being on your feet mom! (Five & ½ weeks after foot surgery, they finally took the pins out of her foot and she is now in a walking boot. Yea!!)

Elder Kade Karges

President & Sister Swinton and I at the last conference i saw them.

Elder Gasparato, Danny(a YSA in the Crawley ward), and I outside of the temple.

My old district in Portmouth.

Sister Mitchel and I just before I left Portsmouth.

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