Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010

Hello again!

Wow I can't believe another week has passed and now it’s February! It sounds like things are going really well back home. I’ll be praying for things to be in our favor on the mountain. I do work in a car area and yes most Zone leaders do have cars, except the ones in central London. Elder Bång and I switch off driving every day.

The past week started off a bit slow teaching and investigator wise, but we had a Zone Training Day (basically what we used to call a Zone Meeting, reinvented). We prepared a presentation that went well and President interviewed the whole zone. Things picked up throughout the week and we had a couple really cool miracles. I’ll tell you of two. We have felt that we needed to work right around the church for a while and chose to set up the church to give tours (piano music). As we walked toward the Staines high street we found Jolene, from Australia.  She had just move here the day before and was looking for the supermarket. She ended up asking if she could have a tour of the church right then. We gave her one and then we arranged to meet her at Belinda's house (recent convert) the next day to teach again. She said she is now feeling so much less homesick and accepted a baptismal date for Feb.21st! The second was a man from Ghana named Emmanual. He saw us walking down the street and when we said hello, asked if we were Latter Day Saints. When we said yes, he got very excited and said he had been looking for us! Apparently around 10 years ago he was taught in Ghana and left everything behind to come here! The next day he came to church and told the whole gospel principles class of his experience praying just before meeting us that God would help him sort his life out. He is now preparing to be baptized on Feb. 14th!

Thank you for your prayers because they are obviously working. I love you all and pray for you as well!

Elder Kade Karges
The Staines Zone with President and Sister Shamo

Me with my driving certificate (until I get my license in the post) and the blank test sheet :)

Elder B책ng and I baught another crock pot a while back and since then have added salads to the menu... this is the best meal either of us have ever made for ourselves!

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