Friday, February 19, 2010

February 8,2010


We have had a pretty exciting week! Things started to get exciting on Tuesday. We went to district meeting in one district and then went on an exchange with elders from another district. During the exchange, one of the areas found 8 new investigators in one day and a new investigator was found in each area that is now a baptismal date. As we were ending the exchange and going to our fist teach on Wednesday, we got a surprise phone call from the assistants. They called both Elder Bång and I to train Elder Eyers! He is an English missionary waiting for a Visa to go to his assigned mission in Russia Samara. He has already gone to the MTC in Provo to learn the language and is doing great. He was dropped off just 3 hours or so after the phone call and we have been working nonstop every since. We don't know how long it will before he leaves, but it has been a great blessing to have a third missionary in some of our most recent teaches. We look forward to working in a tri until things get sorted.

Investigator wise, Sheila could definitely use your prayers. Her baptismal date for the 14th has been dropped because she has not been healthy enough to come to church. Pray that she will be able to live the word of wisdom and she will receive direct blessings from it. On the other hand, Emmanuel continues to be a complete miracle. We have been able to teach him in a few members' homes and he went to the temple visitor's center on Saturday. On Sunday he bore his testimony to the whole ward that everyone needed to be baptized a member of this church. His baptismal date is now for the 13th of Feb so that he can get confirmed the day after. There is another brother named Shane that is preparing for baptism on Feb 21st. He needs to show a bit more initiative and come to church.

All and all everything is going amazing. Things seem to go quicker and quicker. I hope you all have the best week ever!!


Elder Kade Karges

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