Monday, February 1, 2010

January 25, 2010

January 25, 2010

Na Mas Day!" (how we say hello to the people from Nepal)

This week has been another great week, both for us and the zone. We have taught quite a lot of people from Nepal who are so humble. Their main struggle however is finding work. Two of them were preparing for baptism in the coming weeks, but haven't been able to stick with it. We are still trying to teach them and hopefully they'll be picked back up soon. The zone has either improved or stayed steady in every area.

The highlights of the week were actually postponed from last week (we had a mission wide temple conference that got cancelled because of the weather as well as my driving test). It wasn't mission wide, but we had a multi-zone Temple conference on Wednesday and I passed my practical driving test on Thursday morning! The temple was a wonderful, spiritual experience and it’s also exciting to officially have my license! I have enjoyed driving through the streets of London. It can get pretty crazy at times, but its fun. I actually passed my test without any marks this time (British for no faults or 100%). You are allowed like 14, so I was quite surprised. The instructor was really cool and said that he only has a clean sheet like once every 3 months. We actually talked quite a bit about the gospel as we drove around. He recently found out that he had relatives that were members and met them. He shied away from having the missionaries visit though. While I took my test, Elder Bång actually taught a whole lesson to a lady waiting for someone to finish their test at the same time. She accepted a pamphlet, but no appointment. Hopefully the Elders in High Wycombe (where I took my test) will find them again soon.

Our only baptismal date right now is Sheila, Belinda's mum, but there are several others in the works. Craig is also doing well, in fact we got word today that he’s got a new job! We have been praying hard for that because it means as soon as he gets a new flat, he can be baptized! A mother and daughter named Marjorie and McKayla are really close, but are hesitating to ask the father of the family for permission. As soon as they get permission they could be baptized. Marjorie's other daughter is a recent convert already, which is how we have been in contact.

Thank you for all your prayers!

Elder Kade Karges

The latest Zone Leader Council.
Elder Warner (my trainer) and I at ZLC. He goes home next month, so this was probably our last time to see eachother

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