Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 22,2010


Hello again!

Things haven't changed too much because it’ only been a few days, but its good to hear from you again. We have had a pretty exciting week with all the moves and things. Elder Eyers, the Russian speaking Elder is still here, but in the other companionship. He moved to another area for about two or three days, then when Elder Fielder moved on Thursday, he moved back. He is now serving with Elder Keeble. I’ll try to send a picture of all of us soon.

The people we are working with are really good. We are excited for each of them. Last week was a bit rough for their dates, but we will be re-inviting all of them to be baptized this week! We have a few meetings over the next week that we are looking forward to. One of them is zone conference next Monday. That means p-day will be moved to Tuesday so I'll be emailing you a day late.

I love hearing about the mountain and how things are going in Pima. It sounds like things are going well. The weather is definitely cold and rainy here, but it’s getting lighter in the mornings, so spring is on it’s way. Having a car has made the winter a lot easier to deal with, we have been really blessed. It’s also good to hear that you enjoyed church. Even after being on my mission for so long, I have just recently had my testimony of the Sabbath day strengthened. Elder Bång found a really cool scripture to go a long with it - Isaiah 58:13-14.

I love you and hope this week is even better than the last! Thanks for all that you do.

Elder Kade Karges

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