Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 13, 2010


Sorry I'm late. I didn't know before last p-day that this p-day was going to be on Tuesday. It has been another great week, but has been filled with meetings more than anything else. The reason why P-day got moved is because we had a zone training day yesterday. It went really well. Normally zone leaders are in charge of this meeting for their zone, and because this is a short moves (5 weeks- ends on May 9th) they combined us with another zone. Splitting the presentation with the other zone leaders made it a lot simpler plus we went to their chapel, so it was cool to see central London again. We ended up going to President’s house last Monday night, then had ZLC there on Tuesday and then had zone conference on Thursday as well. All of the meetings were great though, so it was definitely worth it. Despite only having about half of a week to actually proselyte in, we still saw miracles.

First off, Craig was finally confirmed!!! He had some tough opposition in the two weeks since his baptism, but he pulled through. It was fast and testimony meeting again as well, so the service was quite good. For the third month in a row now, the testimonies have been all about missionary work :) The ward is really excited about it and it is showing. I was talking to a member of the stake presidency sometime on Sunday, and he said he had taken a rough count of about 130 people in the sacrament meeting! More and more people have been coming out whether they be recent converts, investigators, or even less actives. One of the investigators that came this week was a complete miracle. Her name is Larisa and she only moved from Romania 5 days ago now. We met her on Saturday outside of the church. She was looking for a 7th Day Adventist meeting house to attend a service, but someone led her to ours. We were happy to help her and found out where the closest one really was, and then give her a Book of Mormon and invited her to come back the next day. She did, and she had read much of the index. Her obvious concern is when the Sabbath should be, but she loved church and recognized a lot of our hymns. We are helping her practice English and she is going to read and pray. Sheila, Belinda's mum, has another baptismal date. She could really use your prayers for some up coming medical test and a surgery in the summer. Her date is after the tests, but before her surgery, May 30th.

Wow I had no idea that the article was so wide spread. I just went to the church website and, after looking around the news archives a bit, even found a link to it there. I have heard a little feed back on it but it sounds like you've heard more! I am glad that it is a positive article and that it has the opportunity to have such a positive effect. I hope that it does. It hasn't affected the work in my individual area that I've seen yet, but the members are really excited about it. The bishop's wife, Sister Price called before church to let us know about it and ask if she should bring a copy for us. She brought one to put on the notice board and I have heard that has been done in other wards. President Shamo said he would get me and anyone else that was involved a copy of the real newspaper. They had to order them, so I'll let you know when I get it.

Every time I stop and think about the family I have and the opportunities the Lord has been giving me, I am amazed. I really love you all and am grateful that you are my family, and friends!


Elder Kade Karges

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