Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 20, 2010

April 20, 2010
Hello again!

Everything is going well! Sorry I am emailing a day late again. I actually didn't expect to be this week. We had P-Day yesterday, but all of the Internet Cafes were closed. Next week should be pretty normal so I should email on time.

It has been another good week. We have some new people progressing. Danielle has a baptismal date for May 16th, but didn't come to church. We've got to work on that. Larisa, came to church again and will be going to the temple visitors' center on Saturday. She doesn't have a baptismal date yet, but hopefully will accept one while at the temple. Sheila is our other baptismal date, but she is struggling health wise. Your prayers are greatly appreciated and I know they are great source of help to me and our investigators.

It sounds like things back home are going well. -Hang in there Jeff, the Lord is excited to have you serve, His call for you will come soon. If it is to some place like England and you have to wait as long as I did, then maybe we will see each other.- You'll have to send me more pictures of the house, especially when you move in. It’s going to be interesting to come back to a different house, but I'm excited. It’s good that Jacque will be in my ward she'll have to help me transfer back into the normal world.

I love you guys! Have a great week!


Elder Kade Karges

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