Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1, 2010


Quite a lot has happened over the last week and a half! In fact I didn't realize how much had happened until I just sat down to email. First of all today was moves, but I am still in Staines. I am really excited to be staying and to be working with my new companion, Elder Cook. He is from St. George Utah and is REALLY good at the piano. I have served around him before and he took my place in Crawley when I left. He just came from Crawley here, so it has been good to find out what has happened since I left. The most exciting thing he has told me is that one of my recent converts, Ross, is engaged to the bishop’s daughter there. They won’t be getting married for a few months, but it was quite a surprise because they aren't very old. I think one of the driving forces behind it is that her family is moving back to Canada and she would prefer to stay. I have heard that the other recent converts are doing well too.

As for what’s happening here and now, I'll start with teaching and baptizing. We are always teaching a lot of people and right now a lot of them are part member families. There are no new baptismal dates as of yet, but that is because they have all been getting baptized! I told you about Courtney and Colisha already. They are doing really well. He is excited to have the Priesthood and they are both excited that their daughter received a blessing. Both have already helped us teach other people and it feels like they have been doing it for a long time. They are AMAZING. Craig got baptized on Sunday. His service was really good and seeing how happy he was, was even better. He has really come a long way and changed so many aspects of his life. He will be confirmed on the 11th because general conference is this week. I am really excited for conference as well, both to hear it myself and to have investigators and recent converts come. I can't believe it is the last one of my mission!! Time is still going by faster and faster.

Probably the most unexpected and exciting event of the week, was being interviewed by the London Times...! Monday night we got a call from President Shamo in which, after telling us to sit down and to say yes before anything was explained, he asked us to meet with the London Times Newspaper on Wednesday. So more then a week ago now, we got the chapel prepared and two female reporters and a camera man came to visit. President and Sister Shamo were interviewed first, then the two of us (Elder Bång and I). After the interviews they had planned to shadow us for a couple of hours, so first we went out street contacting, and then we had a teach. As they came along to each thing, everything went perfectly. We had a few people talk to us and a lady from Latvia even became a new investigator right there on the spot. The photographer took loads of pictures the whole time and just before we went to the teach, he stopped us to take more. The teach we had was with a recent convert (almost at his 2 year mark) named Tseten. It went just as well as the contacting. More pictures were taken and I'm sure they felt the spirit. We were told to do everything just like we normally would, so we said a lot of prayers with them and even sang. Since I came to Staines, we have started singing hymns at the beginning of every teach. When it was all over, we gave them both Books of Mormon with our combined testimony written inside. They said the article should be printed in a section called the London Times 2 in about a month. It will most likely be online as well. For the paper edition there is supposed to be a readership of 1.8 million! Hopefully this will affect many lives and be good publicity for the church. There was a Public Relations guy from the church named Brother Adcock that came along the whole time. He said we couldn't have expected it to go any better. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated as the article isn't out yet.

That is the majority of what happened since I last emailed. It won't be long before I email again, but I'm sure many more miracles will happen. This is the Lord's work and his hand is DEFINITELY in it. I love you and hope you all have a great week!

Elder Kade Karges

This is the link to the article. We don't see any pictures, but it mentions him a couple of times.

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